Painting the interior of a home can revamp your space and make it feel like you’re living in a brand new home. At Pizzazz Painting, we are the experts in interior painting in South Jersey, and we are often asked for advice. Our team has put together a list of the most common interior painting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Taking the Time to Prep

For many, getting started with their painting project can be so exciting that they skip out on the prep work. Our expert interior painters in South Jersey say that the most significant difference between their work and DIY projects is the lack of proper prep. Proper prep should include cleaning the walls, scraping off peels, sealing cracks, allowing the patching compound to dry thoroughly, and carefully applying painter’s tape.

Going Cheap on Rollers and Brushes

Even if you use the highest quality print, it won’t turn out the same if you skimp on your applicators. Good quality rollers and brushes provide better coverage and help you use less paint than cheaper applicators. Having good quality brushes and rollers is worth the splurge since it will result in more even layers, and the result will be a beautiful paint job.

Not Having a Plan

Painting aimlessly doesn’t work out for a good paint job. Instead, make sure to start near the top of the wall (by the ceiling) and paint going down the wall. This also helps catch any drips, giving you a smoother finish. Our painting experts know the best techniques to give your home a flawless paint job. Get a free estimate from one of our experts today!

Not Using Primer.

Primer is incredibly essential when repainting your home’s interior but is commonly skipped during the process. Primer helps to mask flaws on the surface and provides you with a long-lasting, smooth finish. Primer-and-paint-in-one blends are fine to use if the surface doesn’t have any flaws, was previously painted, or has a flat finish. But if you’ll be painting over concrete, wood, plaster, porous drywall, or glossy paint, you’ll want to use a primer on its own as opposed to a primer-and-paint-in-one mix.

Using Too Much Paint on Your Brushes

Using too much paint on your brushes can result in heavy drips, and you’ll have to work harder to get an even coat. Instead, make sure to only dip your brush one-third of the way in. This will still put enough paint on your brush without wasting it or causing you extra work.

Avoid Making these Painting Mistakes: Hire Pizzazz Painting

At Pizzazz Painting, we are experienced in the techniques that give your home the look you want. We can help you with that dream paint job you’re looking for. Contact a member of the Pizzazz Painting team today.