Refreshing your home’s exterior paint is a great way to express your unique style and add value to your home. With so many colors to choose from, how can you select one that will be both visually appealing and

reflect your individuality? At Pizzazz Painting, we are the experts in exterior painting in South Jersey. We have seen virtually every exterior paint color for a home, from conventional, safe off-whites to flamboyant and outgoing bright yellow.

Along with the more traditional colors, in our years in exterior home painting, we’ve come across some colors that are seriously underrated that you may be interested in giving a try. Try one of these five underrated exterior paint colors to add a unique flair to your home:


A burgundy exterior paint color can bring the bold look you’ve been searching for. As a darker red, it allows the exterior of your home to pop against the skyline or surrounding landscape. If you’re looking for a truly eye-catching exterior paint color, consider choosing burgundy.

Pale Yellow

Choosing a pale yellow color for the exteriors of your home instantly says “happy.” A pale yellow allows great contrast to the elements around the home, such as bold foliage or bright, colorful accents. Best as a toned down, lighter yellow, pale yellow exterior house paint isn’t too ‘loud’ and creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Dark Blue

Dark blue on the exterior of a home looks amazing, but isn’t used as often as it should be. A dark blue tone will give your home a timeless, classic look and captivate those passing by. Paired with off-white accents, this tone will give your home a chic appeal.


Peach is another color that is far underrated. This tone can give the exterior of your home a beautiful, refreshed look. Paired with a bright teal toned accent, a peach exterior can bring the desert or beachy feel to any home. If a clean, refreshing color is what you’re looking for, speak with your exterior house painters about using peach.

Jade Green

A jade green exterior paint may be the color you’ve been dreaming about. Exterior house painting done with a deep, jade green can bring a peaceful, relaxed look to your home.This modern yet earthy tone looks great when paired with sand brown accents. While there are many colors to choose from when painting the exterior of your home, these are a few that look beautiful and won’t go unnoticed.

The Best Exterior Painting in South Jersey

At Pizzazz Painting, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right look and feel for your exterior paint color. Whether you are looking to customize your home’s aesthetic to your unique tastes, or refreshing your home’s exterior in preparation to list it on the market, we add some Pizzazz to your home! Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.