When it comes to exterior painting, South Jersey residents know they can trust Pizzazz Painting. Our quick guide to exterior painting problems will answer many common questions and help you avoid issues before they begin.

Below are common questions we often hear about exterior painting problems.

How Do I Choose Exterior Paint Colors for My House?

Surprisingly, choosing the wrong color can result in more problems than appearance. The first step for exterior painting South Jersey residents sometimes forget about is checking your HOA policies. You could incur fines and forced to repaint your home if you violate your HOA agreement when choosing an exterior paint color. Pizzazz Painting offers professional color consultations with every job if you are unsure of which color to choose.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Paint?

Problems can occur from choosing the wrong type of paint, including peeling, bubbling, and a patchy appearance. You should select a high-quality exterior paint, which will look better and last longer than cheaper alternatives, as well as take fewer coats. Interior and exterior paints are formulated differently so that they are made for the purpose of being durable either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor paint contains softer resins in order to prevent chipping and peeling and may off-gas for long periods of time, while indoor paint contains harder binding resins, helping it hold up to scrubbing and cleaning.

What Do I Need to Do Before Painting My House?

Prep work eliminates many problems that occur due to paint not adhering properly. Houses should usually be painted every five to seven years, however many people wait longer until they can see large areas peeling. This means that there will be more prep work involved to make the new paint adhere and apply correctly. Local painting contractors in South Jersey should do all of the prep work for you, even for difficult materials, like brick. If you are wondering how to paint exterior brick, you should know that once primer and paint are applied, it is extremely difficult to remove. Choosing a local professional contractor for painting the exterior of your home ensures that you will have the best results.

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