Trim work is a wonderful way of adding depth, luxury and detail to any room. Home improvement projects are incomplete, without installation of trim work and wooden casings that potentially add the final touch to renovation projects. Trim work gives a defined conclusion to home remodeling tasks, with an essence of professionalism. It plays dual role in home improvement projects by being functional and decorative at the same time. This not only adds style and detailing, but also serves a purpose that seamlessly hides joints between ceilings, walls & floor, doors& windows that are left open as a result of rough carpentry work & building techniques.

Home renovation majorly is perceived to be a heavy on pocket task. People usually think of fancy kitchen overhaul or hardwood floors when they think of renovation. Our interior painting company in Cherry Hill offers amazing & inexpensive remodeling ideas like trim work to give your home a classy makeover. Renovation with trims is an inexpensive way to give your home that beauty treatment. You will be amazed to see, what transformation a simple piece of wood with some simple and basic designs, can do to add detail to home or office spaces.

Let’s talk about a few alternatives to introduce the concept of custom trims. Depending on how much you want to spend; there are a variety of features custom trims have to offer. We share a few fantastic and easy to go custom trim ideas to add the most awaited finesse to your home.

Custom Trim Book Case

A recessed book case made out of wood, has the potential to nail that stylish look you have always wanted your office or home study to carry. The custom book case helps, save a lot of space and adds to the storage capacity. Adding some custom trim to the open and rough outer edges makes the shelf look complete and elegant.

Crown Molding

Homes typically are designed with shoe molding, where walls simply join the ceiling without a nice crown and look very plain and regular. Adding crown molding will surely camouflage the uneven joints, giving it an elegant look.

Window Casing

Windows with custom wood trim look appealing and bold. Why settle by just accepting 4 plain pieces of wood, when you can really be creative. Engraving special or custom designs would make your window stand out, and will give more definition to the room.

To make homes more presentable, different varieties & patterns & styles are available in custom trims. These are either made out of softwood or hardwood depending on the overall design layout. So be creative and get that style statement for your home at a friendly price.