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What Causes Paint to Crack, Peel, And Bubble?

Home painting is one of the most convenient, economical and foolproof tool known for transforming the entire look and feel of the place where you reside in. But at the same time, when a home painting project is not aligned perfectly, it can have serious after effects like, paint cracking, peeling and bubble creation that potentially ruins the aesthetics completely. Well! Apart from a bad paint job, paint quality, leakages, poorly prepared walls and more are responsible for such after effects.

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Top 5 Common Caulking Mistakes

Looking at leading economic crisis, the concept of “go green” is grabbing all the attention, keeping weatherization always on our minds. Weatherization is essential in order to keep the monthly energy bills at a manageable rate and also maintain the aesthetic value of home. Unfortunately, average homeowners don’t pay attention to the need for caulking and as a result, they suffer.

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