Exterior of your house is the skin your house is in. It definitely is the first layer of shield that protects your house from sun, dust, rain, snow, insects etc. Exterior paint can save your house from the danger of damages that occur from rust, corrosion, leakages and result in high repair bills, if ignored. It is important to repaint the house exterior at certain intervals to maintain both health and aesthetic value at the same time. Using low quality paint and hiring an inappropriate exterior house painting team, adds up to durability issues that can call for frequent exterior paint job. Exterior of the house should be inspected regularly. Neglecting an exterior paint job can result in permanent damages that might need replacements. Exterior of the house is more prone to damage. It is certain that, house owners have the power to decide when they want to repaint the exterior walls of their house. There is no set formula, procedure or specified interval prescribed. Each & every case is different. In areas like Camden, Gloucester, Burlington County & South Jersey homeowners can expect an exterior paint job every five years. This is an overall view; there are many factors that influence a repainting decision.


Previous Paint Job

One of the most important factors that influence your decision of repainting relies on the quality of the last paint job.Quality of paint and painting services hired for painting your walls is important. With good quality paint and reliable painting services frequency of repainting the exterior will be lesser than expected. There will be longer time spans between two repainting tasks.

New Trends

There are cases where Homeowners are prolonging life span for their walls by using best quality paint and services. From a décor point of view, homeowners decide to undertake repainting to keep their house in vogue.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, facts like chalking paint, faded color, leakage marks, speak up for a paint job. One thing we can never deny is that re-painting has the power to transform a house by redefining its aesthetic value & adds strength. As each case is different, the pace and frequency of repainting needs will differ. Regular inspection of walls can give an accurate time line of planning an exterior paint job as when required.

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