Did you recently wrap-up a painting project and end up with leftover paint? Don’t know what to do or how to deal with it? Before you throw it away, do read the content and get some funny & effective ideas about its usage. With just a little bit of creativity, you can simply make use of the surplus paint and infuse new life into your décor.

It’s not like you need to consult any house painting contractor to perform the following tasks; you can do it your own.

Here we’ve summed up some amazing ideas for you!! Let the fun begin….

  • Stir It Up

This is the best time to give your balcony the wow look. Take those dull looking flowerpots and paint them with a solid color or embellish them with a unique pattern to enhance their look. Make the best use of your creativity and things will fall in place.

  • Add Life to Old Furniture

Make use of the remaining paint by adding some solid shades to the old furniture you’ve in your home. Be it an old cabinet or table or drawer, you can apply whatever shade you want to. Giving a fresh coat of paint will revive their look. If your garden area has old furniture like chairs or benches, make sure you put colors on them as well.

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  • Redefine Your Kitchen

Kitchen acts as a central place in every home and thus, you need to take special care of it. One of the finest ways to use remaining paint is to get creative with kitchen areas. Pick some holders, canisters, wooden spoons, bowls, or whatever you think looks dull. Start with adding colors to them and see the result.

  • Revive

Use some left-over paint to update a window frame or window sill. This is the best way to create an accent in a room. This works great for small bathroom windows. Adding bold colors will do wonders!

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  • Art Frames

You can redesign your art with a new frame. You’ll need little paint to repaint a frame. You can either paint your own frame directly onto the wall or you can even place it above the fireplace. Colorful wall frames will add glamour quotient to your home.