One of the most important aspect of getting the best outcome of a paint job is, using the right brush. You may have invested a handsome amount of money in buying the best quality paint, but using a wrong brush might end up wasting both, time & money. To experience best results from a home painting project, make sure to use the most suitable brush for the job.

Being associated with the home painting industry in Marlton NJ, we frequently have observed questions from home owners like –

Q1. Does the type of paint brush/paint roller have an impact on my painting project?

Q2. What is the best type of brush that I can use for interior & exterior house painting?

Choosing the right paint brush or paint roller indeed is a daunting task. Majority of home owners, find it difficult to decide between a 2inch or a 4inch brush. They also seem flabbergasted when they need to choose between an angled & a straight one, without having any clue about nap. To make choice of paint roller & paint brush easy and appropriate for home owners, we are here to share some important & useful information.

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# Let’s begin with quality. To witness a high-quality paint job, you should never opt for paint brushes or rollers available at dirt cheap prices. These choices substantially compromise on quality. This not only leads to a low-quality outcome, but also makes the entire process time consuming and lengthy. As these brushes tend to drip excess amount of paint & you also happen to find lose bristles left behind in the paint.

# Quality of paint brush & rollers make a significant difference, in holding & distribution of paint. High quality paint brushes can also be used well by beginners & inexperienced home painters, as the bristles uphold their shape & hold the paint more consistently.

# We do not recommend highly expensive brushes for a DIY project. But if you are a professional, investing in top-quality roller or brush can work wonderfully.

Size & Shape

# In-house experts at painting companies, recommend 2.5inch angled brush, for added flexibility & control. The angle makes it easy to get a clean, sharp & defined edge while cutting around floor, trim & ceiling.

# With respect to rollers for walls, experts suggest using a paint roller between 7 to 12 inches wide.

Right Material

# A decent mid-grade brush will be available in nylon or nylon/polyester combination bristles. Makes sure to check the smoothness. Smoother the bristles, better will be the final look.

# To roll out paint on an average wall, a polyester roller sleeve also known as cover with a nap of 3/8inches will serve the purpose.

Depending on the requirement and quality of paint, you may choose to opt for a paint brush or paint roller. So, before hitting the hardware store, make sure to pen down the list of items you need. Also pen down questions that you need answers to, while purchasing painting essentials. This will save several visits to the store. In case you still find yourself to be lost, its best to hire professional painters and get the job done in the most proficient manner.