We are living in an era where gathering information about a particular service or a service provider is not a fiddly job. Everything is reachable, available right at your fingertips! No matter what you’re looking for, you can simply find it within a few clicks.

Are you aware of online reviews? They play a decisive role in nurturing the future of an organization or a service provider. With the growth of review sites, customers are now able to check with what others are saying about the service provider, before making the final deal. Review websites like Yelp or Houzz has literally changed the perspective of trade service industry.

But do you consider review websites reliable? Do they narrate the complete story when it comes to painting industry?

Let’s find out!

Negative Reviews are Published More

As per statistics, unhappy customers are more likely to share their negative experience than someone who received okay service from a painting company. Generally, very few people bother to write something about an organization or their service. But if a service provider does something bad or awful with a customer, the matter grabs all the attention online. This ends up on their Google Plus page. The ratings determine their prospect to some extent.

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Every service provider is likely to experience their share of good and bad moments or even unrealistic customers. Customers should keep in mind that one or two bad comments or feedback can’t be a legit cause to reject a company or a painting service provider. What matters the most is the context; don’t ever be afraid to ask a company about a negative review, if you’re concerned.

Negative reviews are good if you want to learn about the company in depth; especially how they behave with customers and all.

Fake Reviews – Be Aware!

A lot of these review sites are striving hard to establish their identity. Factually, many of the reviews that we read or go through on several websites are fake, whether they are positive reviews published by the painting company or negative reviews, published by any competitor or client. Customers should be aware of the fact that every review is not legitimate as they look.

Use Reviews as a Positive Tool

Online reviews are really helpful as they give you an idea about the service of painting providers. But let me clarify that there are many other ways to check the quality of a painter. Online reviews should be considered as a resource; that you may use for taking a decision. When dealing with a particular painting service provider, ask for accreditations or awards if they had received any or check with the testimonials.

Painting Company in Cherry Hill

Pizzazz Painting in New Jersey received the prestigious Yelp award for garnering positive reviews from customers. Twice a year, Yelp honors a company that has acquired highest ratings.

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