Painting has always been the best way to bring some liveliness and sparkle to the dull interior. But, painting multiple rooms can cause a total mess and even a few headaches. Therefore, it’s essential to have a game plan, which is like prioritization of the rooms in your home. Painting rooms in anorder results in less stress.

If you’re about to endure a home painting project, we can help you with some tricks on how to prioritize rooms for painting. Professional interior house painters in Marlton, New Jersey are always there to help you with quality suggestions.


Bedroom is where you spend quality time after a tiring day at workplace. Therefore, it’s better to start with the bedroom. The sooner you start with painting the bedroom, the sooner you can rest again. Paint smell can be intense sometimes and it becomes difficult to shut off the noxious fume. Ensure that each and every room is well-ventilated during and after painting.

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Second on the priority list is bathroom. Just like bedrooms, bathrooms are the most used rooms in a home. Bathrooms are fairly small in size and thus it won’t take much time. You’ll surely feel accomplished and positive after you see a finished bathroom.

The Kitchen

Kitchen is the next space to consider. Having the kitchen freshly painted will give you and your family the access to prepare meals and make all the necessary arrangements. When painting the kitchen space, make sure to remove all the utensils, equipments, and food to prevent poisoning. Before the painting job starts, do unplug the refrigerator and other electrical appliances so that it doesn’t create any intricacy.

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Living Space

The living room is considered as the most dreaded space of your home.  There are a number of reasons for this; the vital one is the area it covers. Other reasons include the number of furniture that needs to be moved and the foot traffic. It may take some extra time to paint the living room. Ensure you cover all the furniture and other stuff before starting with the painting task.

The Laundry Room

Keep the laundry room for last. During painting, store all your clothes elsewhere so that they don’t get ruined. Painting the laundry room the last will keep all your clothes away from bad smell. If possible, get the laundry job done before starting with the painting task. Don’t wash your clothes during the process.

Following the above given steps will surely help you complete the painting project without any complications. Ensure you consult with your painting contractor regarding this, beforehand.