Stains on freshly painted walls seem like the most awful thing that can ever happen to you. Greasy stain damages the entire wall, making the ambiance dull and dreary. Covering up the nasty beige on walls is not that easy to deal with. The best to do is hiring a reliable and professional painting contractor and let them take care of the mishap. They’ve the best remedies to scour grease stains, watermarks and even ink wall art.

But before you consult with any painting Expert; why not apply some smart tricks? Here we bring some DIY tips for you!

# The first thing you need to consider when removing stain is the type of paint used on the wall. Glossy enamel paints are more likely to survive, even after washing. On the other hand; flat, satin and eggshell latex paint may rub off easily after a wash. It’s better to experiment the method in a subtle area. This will protect your walls from damage.

A paste made of baking soda and water can work wonders for your walls. Gently rub over the stain and let it dry. Finally, wash the walls with clean water and dry with a soft cloth to finish the process.

To remove small stains, add ¼ teaspoon of soap in a cup of warm water and mix thoroughly. Wet a cloth in the mixture and wipe the stained area. Finally, blot with a dry towel until it dries. If the stain is minor, apply a solution having 2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup of vinegar. These are the basic things that you will surely get at your home.

Female hand cleaning surface

If you are still not able to clean the food stain with the household ingredients, you can try the actual wall cleaners, available in the market. The solvent free degreasers are good to go with.

In case nothing works out for you and the wall look still dirty, immediately call a certified painting contractor in Cherry Hill. It’s better to take expert opinion. The sooner you work on it, the better result you will get. Don’t wait too long to remove any stain, or else you might face a difficulty