Looking at leading economic crisis, the concept of “go green” is grabbing all the attention, keeping weatherization always on our minds. Weatherization is essential in order to keep the monthly energy bills at a manageable rate and also maintain the aesthetic value of home. Unfortunately, average homeowners don’t pay attention to the need for caulking and as a result, they suffer.

When you get your house painted, caulking is one of the most essential matters that the professional house painting contractors inspect. Caulking can help you save more energy.

Are you planning to caulk on your own or would you like to consult a professional contractor in Medford, New Jersey? If you’re doing it your own, be aware of these five caulking mistakes.

Beware of Choosing the Wrong Caulk

Using the wrong type of caulking is quite common. Ensure you choose caulk made from 100 percent silicon. Silicon is waterproof, flexible, and sustainable as well. On the other hand, acrylic caulk can crack over time, leaving gaps for air and water to leak through. Leaks are more dangerous when you assume they don’t exist.

Remove Old Caulking

Before you start with the task, it’s necessary to remove the old caulk with a handy tool called a retractable razor blade scraper. The razor will help you get rid of the old stuck on caulk. Ensure you clear the debris and vacuum the open joint so that you can proceed further.

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Don’t Forget the Caulk Gun

You’ll need a caulk gun to properly dispense the act. If you’re busy, try disposable packages of caulk that don’t need any caulk gun. These packages are easy to use.

Seal All Leaks in Your Home

Most people pay attention to seal leaks around their windows, electrical wiring, and doors but forget to inspect basements, attics and the crawl spaces. Make sure you check with each and every corner of your home.

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Don’t Let Water Ruin Away Your Hard Work

Some caulk requires up to 24 hours before it can be exposed to water. This is why it is always recommended to use silicon. Silicone caulk develops potency and adhesion quickly so that it can be exposed to water. GE Silicone II helps increase convenience, efficiency, and speed.