Are you looking to change the look and mood of your home? Applying a fresh coat of interior paint is a simple way to shake things up. You can use the latest interior paint colors and mix it up every few

years as interior design trends change.

Deciding what colors to use will set the tone for the rooms being painted. The paint color of your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, or common areas reflects the character of your home. Choosing a new paint color establishes the style of the room, whether giving a traditional look a fresh coat or transforming your home’s interior to a more modern or extravagant design.

As professionals specializing in interior painting in South Jersey, here are five paint colors you should consider when sprucing up the aesthetic of your home.

5 Paint Color Trends That Transform Your Home Interior

Homeowners expect a lot from interior house painters when changing the look and feel of the inside of your home. Trends come and go. It is far easier to apply a fresh coat of paint with an exciting new color than to start replacing furniture or accessories. Swapping out the old color for a popular new look will invigorate your rooms and provide updated style and character to the entire home.

The following are examples of the most recent trends in home interior paint colors.

1. Classic Blue

Closely approximating the look of the sky at dusk, classic blue is dominating interior paint color trends in 2020. In these uncertain times, classic blue interior paint provides a stable, dependable foundation for your rooms. It is a calming color that adds depth and character to the inside of your home.

2. White

White has once again returned as a staple home interior paint and design trend. White interior paint with white accents presents a subtle, layered style to your home’s rooms. A clean, fresh look adds age and depth with this most basic and versatile paint color.

3. Clay

Clay is an emerging design trend for interior paint. Inspired by aged plaster and earthenware, it is a warm interior paint trend that adds warmth and comfort to the rooms of your home.

4. Burnt Orange

A great way to get certain areas of your home to pop is through burnt orange interior paint. Using burnt orange and rust colors in moderation adds depth and character to the rooms of your home. A little goes a long way with these rust color options that are ideal for your front door and other more subtle areas of the house.

5. Peacock

Peacock is described as a dark, moody color that adds character and tone to a home’s interior. Jewel tones like peacock, charcoal, and off-black emit a calming and comforting feel. These darker hues are trending for home interior painting projects in these strange and unprecedented times.

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