It is very intriguing to know how color on the bedroom walls can affect life. While selecting your bedroom décor don’t just settle for looks, if you want to get more sleep and wake up fresh to begin a brand-new day. Have you ever given a thought & considered how the phycology of color works? A survey conducted by Travelodge reveals that certain colors and shades can stimulate sleep and relax sleepers.

While you arrange the most personal space in your home (bedroom), it is important to infuse a color palette that is known for its soothing benefits, based on your taste and expectation. Based on the experience and expertise of best interior painting contactors in Moorestown NJ, we present helpful tricks that make color selection for the bedroom not only easy but fun & successful.

Coordinating the Space

If your bedroom is furnished, it’s wise to choose a wall color depending upon the color scheme of the furniture. It’s wise to pick colors based on dominant furnishing pieces like, chairs, table, unique show pieces and so on.

In this case it is advised not to choose a new color, as it might clash your furnishing making the bedroom look too busy and cluttered, due to presence of multiple colors.

Complementary Color Scheme

Complementary color schemes are known to draw out richness of paint on your wall. These colors are available on the opposite end of the color wheel and often include colors like, yellow, orange, green, violet & blue. Choose a light shade of one color & match it up with a complimentary shade.
This theme can be achieved with paint colors alone or you can also rely on other decorations.

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Keep It Smooth with The Monochromatic Scheme

Monochromatic colors are found right next to each other on the color wheel & are known to create the best soothing effect. The monochromatic color scheme is created by using different hues of the same shade.

Choose a theme

Picking up the right color scheme can work wonders, but the wrong one can completely damage the look.
For modern bedrooms, it’s recommended to stick to colors like white or other neutral shades. For an exotic look, you can also choose a twist of cinnamon or apricot. To make your bedroom look more traditional, there’s nothing better than going for ivory.