Eager to move into your dream home? But still are not able to decide whether you should get your home painted before or after you move in? Relocating into a new home feels exciting but it comes with a package of time occupying tasks, like shopping, packing, paper work etc. People often are confused and under pressure, when it comes to deciding upon painting & decorating their new homes.

Few home owners think that painting a home before the move in dates, makes cleanup & other tasks easier. And a few believe that it’s wise to move in first and then according to the setup, decide on the color palette to avoid any color combination blunders.

Ace interior painting companies in Medford NJ, believe that there is no fixed formula to this, it all depends upon the situation & expectation. In fact, it is always wise to weigh the pros and cons before taking the final decision.

Painting Before Move-In Dates

 Painting your home before the move in date is practical from the painter’s point of view. An empty home is easier & quicker to be painted.

Easy Access

Painters have an easy access to walls. In an empty home, it’s much easier for the painters to effectively tape & start the job with very little effort or inconvenience involved.

Ceilings & Trims

When ceilings need a brand-new layer of paint, the painters don’t need to invest time and energy in moving and adjusting the furniture from getting paint stains. It also helps them paint trims & baseboards easily.

Saves Money

When a house is empty it takes lesser time to be painted. A few painting companies offer services on hourly basis. Painting before moving in will cut down on the man hours, ultimately getting down the overall painting quote.

Better Atmosphere

An empty house works best when it comes to drying and getting the paint smell off. In case you are moving in with family members who are too young or allergic to paint smell, painting before relocation can be a good option.

These days the paint supplies are harmless, but still it’s never a great idea to let children inhale the same.

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Painting After Relocating

Better Vision

Painting after settling down in your new home will give you a clearer vision about how the interior exactly should be.

Right Shade

Painting after moving in makes it easier to choose the right color combination. In case you are not sure about how the furniture or fixtures would respond to the color scheme its best to wait until you are done decorating the place.

The final decision is yours, based on the above clarification, your needs and expectation you can decide on the perfect time to paint and transform your home.