10 Home Paint Colors You Must Try This Summer

Like many people, you may be looking to give your home an update this summer to fit in with those sunny afternoons. At Pizzazz Painting, our team consists of some of the best home painters in South Jersey, and we’ve put together a list of ten must-try home paint colors to give your home a summertime-feel year round.

Summer Colors to Beautify and Brighten up the Interior of your Home


Pinks don’t need to look drastic and flat. A muted coral can be classic, elegant and fun. Coral interiors will have you thinking about those warm summer nights.

Emerald Green

A vibrant shade of green can turn your space into a summer hideaway dream. Green shades convey an outdoor appeal like that of a lush tropical forest or green field.

Golden Yellow

There’s not much that says summertime more than a bold yellow tone. Opt for a golden, deeper yellow to bring up the energy in your space.


Make a dark room or hallway feel brighter instantly by using a lavender purple on the walls. Purples will make you think of fresh, bright lavender fields and evoke a summer feel you are bound to love.


If you’re looking to add more depth into your home, opt for an indigo blue shade. Use contrast by pairing it with cream accents.

Bold Red

A bold red can be used to accent pieces like the door to add flare to a space. When used in specific places, like a door, red can help give your space a fun edge.


Using a tangerine shade of orange color can really make your home pop. Orange tones provide an eclectic and funky style to a unique space.

Sea Green

Sea green is a blue-green that will have you daydreaming of the Carribean. This color sets a relaxing tone and is a great choice for bathrooms or spas.

Pale Blue

A soothing pale blue may be the missing piece to your comfy summertime home. A pale blue tone channels the ocean waves and radiates relaxation and comfort.


A rich mauve tone can make a space truly unique. Paint a statement wall and pair with a printed wallpaper for a space that stands out.

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The Best Do’s and Don’ts For Choosing Exterior House Paint

Whether you are looking to update your home’s exterior, or you are customizing the aesthetic of your home to suit your taste, your home’s exterior can give your home a completely new look and feel.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of choosing the perfect paint job for your home’s exterior.

The Do’s of Exterior House Painting

  • DO get creative Find a bold accent color to make your home really pop! For example, using a red color on the door or shutters can give the house a very stylish and classic look.
  • DO create a color palette. Pulling out different color swatches can help you find the best color palette for each part of your home. The three main sections of your home, the body, accents, and trim should each have their own color that complement each other. Matching the accent and trim color can work well, especially if you are working with neutral tones.
  • DO research and find out which kind of paint will be best for you. Latex paints are UV resistant and don’t peel, crack or fade as much as alkyd paints. Water-based latex paints also dry faster and are easier to clean up than alkyd paints, which require a tougher solvent.
  • DO take inspiration from other homes. Looking at professionally designed homes will help spark your creativity. Taking a drive through different neighborhood to see what catches your eye can be a great start to finding the perfect color palette.
  • DO use dark tones strategically. Dark tones can work great on the exterior of a home, but over-saturated dark tones can give your home a gloomy feel. If you’re considering a dark tone, remember that ⅔ of your home should be dark, and ⅓ should be a light color to balance and contrast the exterior.
  • DO experiment with texture. Even if your primary colors are in the same family, mixing a matte and glossy finish can be very eye-catching. For example, having matte paint on the walls and a glossy finish on the architectural elements of your exterior can add dimension and make the decorative elements pop.

The Don’ts of Exterior House Painting

  • DON’T buy the cheap paint to save a buck. Premium paints go on smoother, last longer, and have a much more professional look when the job is completed.
  • DON’T choose just one color. While you may be focusing on the main color of your home, chances are your trim, and accent colors will need to be refreshed as well. Don’t choose just one tone and expect it to go with your windows, shutters, accent and trim you already have. Find a second color that compliments the dominant shade you’ve chosen.
  • DON’T choose more than one bright tone. While a bold color can work great as an accent tone, having more than one can create an eyesore in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to use a bold color on your home’s exterior, keep the trim and accent color to a more neutral tone.

The Best Exterior House Painting in New Jersey

Pizzazz Painting has been the top choice for exterior painting in South Jersey for over 20 years! When you plan on painting/repainting the exterior of your home, we give it the pizzazz it needs. Contact a member of our team to discover why we are among the highest-rated painting contractors in the area!

How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

Repainting your house is a big job that makes a huge visual impact. But how often should you repaint your house interior? It depends on the room. Some rooms need to be repainted more often than others due to frequent use. On the other hand, rooms that aren’t used regularly might not need a new coat of paint. No matter how many rooms you need to repaint, you can trust Pizzazz Painting for interior painting in South Jersey.

Living and Dining Room

The dining room is generally one of the least-used rooms in the house. Many people only use their dining rooms for formal events or holidays a few times a year. If that is the case with your dining room, then your paint sees very little wear and tear, which means that it can last longer. You can get by with repainting it once every 7 years.

Although you probably use your living room more than your dining room, it may not need frequent repainting either. Most people use living rooms for low-stress activities like relaxing, socializing, and watching TV, none of which can wear out your paint very quickly. That’s why if you don’t have kids, you can go about 6 or 7 years without needing to repaint your living room. Rambunctious children may cause more wear on your walls, which may mean that you’ll need to paint more often.


Although bedrooms are typically used more often than living and dining rooms, they don’t see much more detrition. Adult bedrooms typically don’t put too much wear on their paint, so they can last a long time. The exception is children’s bedrooms. Kids often use their rooms for both sleeping and playing, which means that their paint can quickly get scuffed up. Hence, adult bedrooms typically must be repainted every 5-10 years, whereas kids’ rooms might need a fresh coat more frequently, such as every 4 years.


Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your house, which means that it needs repainting more often. You use your kitchen every day for preparing and eating your food, and there is often exposure to water from your sink and dishwasher. So, there is plenty of activity in this room on a regular basis. Paint can wear out quickly under all that stress and frequent cleaning, which is why you should repaint your kitchen every 3 years.


Like the kitchen, your bathroom is used every day and is subject to lots of wear and tear. Think about all the water and steam that gets splashed against your bathroom walls every day. Whether you’re washing your hands or taking a shower, condensation can seriously wear out the paint in this room. To keep your bathroom walls in the best shape, they should be repainted every 3-4 years.


Your ceiling has some of the most durable and long-lasting paint in your house. Your ceiling could see some abrasion over the years in the form of exposure to heat and condensation, moisture and daily wear and tear. However, you can expect the paint on your ceiling to last about 10 years before it needs a fresh coat.

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Commercial Painting: Choosing the Right Office Paint Color

Choosing the right commercial paint color for your office can be difficult. You don’t want to have stark, white walls that feel cold and sterile, but you also want to avoid bright colors that are distracting and don’t seem professional.

Common Paint Colors for Offices

Some of the most common commercial paint color for offices include:

  • Off-White or Beige – Off-white or beige is a good choice for an office because it takes the clean, neutral appearance of white and softens it so it’s not so clinical. With the right accessories, off-white or beige can be very welcoming in an office setting.
  • Grey – Grey can be a great option for a neutral space, but make sure you do some swatches in the light of your natural space. Grey can also make your office look cold or melancholy, so it’s important to choose the shade carefully.
  • Light Blue or Teal – Light blue or teal is a common choice for an office paint color because it makes people feel calm and relaxed, perfect for getting work done, especially if it is stressful or high-pressure.
  • Purple – Purple can look great in an office, whether it’s a deep purple used on an accent wall for a lawyer’s office or a light lavender for a realtor’s office. Purple is the perfect choice for someone looking for an interior paint color that stands out but is still appropriate.
  • Green – Green, like purple, can be used in a deep shade as an accent color, to convey richness, such as in a financial advisor’s office, or in a lighter shade that is soothing, but still suitable for an office setting, such as at a medical office.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color?

If you are unsure of what commercial paint color to choose, don’t be afraid to get small amounts of different colors to swatch a wall, so that you can see the colors in the light of the room. Looking at what is common for your industry is also a good idea; what may be suitable in an office for a mechanic, for instance, may be different than what a therapist might choose for their office. You can also consult a professional for commercial painting services.

Professional Painters in South Jersey 

Pizzazz Painting services South Jersey and the surrounding areas and offers free color consultations! Pizzazz Painting offers high quality, professional service, and in most cases, we can be in and out in one day.

To extract dust automatically from walls, Pizzazz uses a dustless sanding system for all our prep work,so you won’t have to be concerned about air quality after we leave. For optimum mobility, it comes equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels.The compact turbine provides the right suction power for dust collection.

Pizzazz Painting is the premier painting company in South Jersey. Whether you have an entire office building you want to paint or a single room in your home, Pizzazz Painting offers professional services at unbeatable prices.

Benefits of Using a Local Painting Contractor

When you employ a local painting contractor in South Jersey, you’re hiring a team of professionals from your own community who are personally invested in the success of your project from start to finish.

Here are the top four benefits of using local painters in South Jersey:

1. Local Painting Contractors will Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Many people need help choosing the colors that will suit their project the best. Small, local businesses know how important it is to work hard to earn your business, which is why Pizzazz Painting offers FREE professional color consultation with every project so that you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

2. Local Painting Contractors are Committed to Better Quality Workmanship

For a local painting contractor, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Local painters in south Jersey are more likely to be meticulous with the prep work and cleanup because to a local company, you aren’t just another job – you’re a friend or neighbor.

3. Local Contractors are More Trustworthy

Local painting companies depend on referrals and do their best to earn your recommendation by providing honest, transparent services. Reputable painting contractors in South Jersey will include an itemized list of materials in your quote, so there are no hidden costs.

4. Local Painting Contractors are More Knowledgeable

To a locally owned painting company, painting isn’t just a job – it’s a craft that they have worked hard to hone. At Pizzazz Painting, our contractors are highly knowledgeable about painting and all of its aspects. Here are some of the top questions we receive as local painting contractors:

  • What questions do I ask a local painting contractor? Ask your South Jersey painters for references, insurance, and what kind of paint they use.
  • What kind of business certifications should a local painting contractor have? While local painting contractors in South Jersey don’t need a license to paint, they do need to show that they’re registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs as a Home Improvement Contractor.
  • What should I look for in a painting contractor in South Jersey? Look for a painting contractor that is local to your area rather than a chain company; a local contractor is more likely to provide better quality, more personalized service.

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A Quick Guide to Exterior Painting Problems

When it comes to exterior painting, South Jersey residents know they can trust Pizzazz Painting. Our quick guide to exterior painting problems will answer many common questions and help you avoid issues before they begin.

Below are common questions we often hear about exterior painting problems.

How Do I Choose Exterior Paint Colors for My House?

Surprisingly, choosing the wrong color can result in more problems than appearance. The first step for exterior painting South Jersey residents sometimes forget about is checking your HOA policies. You could incur fines and forced to repaint your home if you violate your HOA agreement when choosing an exterior paint color. Pizzazz Painting offers professional color consultations with every job if you are unsure of which color to choose.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Paint?

Problems can occur from choosing the wrong type of paint, including peeling, bubbling, and a patchy appearance. You should select a high-quality exterior paint, which will look better and last longer than cheaper alternatives, as well as take fewer coats. Interior and exterior paints are formulated differently so that they are made for the purpose of being durable either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor paint contains softer resins in order to prevent chipping and peeling and may off-gas for long periods of time, while indoor paint contains harder binding resins, helping it hold up to scrubbing and cleaning.

What Do I Need to Do Before Painting My House?

Prep work eliminates many problems that occur due to paint not adhering properly. Houses should usually be painted every five to seven years, however many people wait longer until they can see large areas peeling. This means that there will be more prep work involved to make the new paint adhere and apply correctly. Local painting contractors in South Jersey should do all of the prep work for you, even for difficult materials, like brick. If you are wondering how to paint exterior brick, you should know that once primer and paint are applied, it is extremely difficult to remove. Choosing a local professional contractor for painting the exterior of your home ensures that you will have the best results.

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