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What are the best practices for Aluminum Siding? Paint or Replace?

We hardly see aluminum siding today! When aluminum was first introduced in the 1940’s, it did not take long to replace wood as siding material of choice for homeowners and builders. Aluminum have several benefits, and therefore homebuilders made it an obvious choice for replacing old and tired wooden sidings.

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A Guide That Helps You Fix Cracks & Peeling Paint

Reasons that initiate problems like cracks & peeling paint are many. Old homes, bad dry wall preparation, low paint quality & moisture are few of the culprits. Many believe that, cracks & peeling paint is an old house problem & simply adds an extra fresh coat of paint & assumes that the issue is resolved.

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Tips to Make Your Home Look Elegant On A Budget

Achieving that luxe look for your home can be hard, especially when you have a limited budget. We agree that often updating a home needs a good amount of money. Well! That’s not true always. Being one of the most known painting company in Medford NJ, we are here to break this notion with some fabulous budget friendly home improvement tips. Fortunately, there are not one but many ways to smartly utilize the home improvement budget. In fact, these tips will have you spend a dollar & make your home look worth a million.

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Selling your house? Be careful with Painting it right!

First impression is the last impression, especially when it comes to selling a home. It’s no secret that before putting a property on sale, it is quite essential to take up tasks that potentially can boost the value and help close a great deal on the sale. Apart from hiring the best property agent in town, there are several options that can increase the value of your home, spending very little money. Being one of the most recommended house painters in Voorhees NJ, we can relate to situations, when home owners don’t find the best deal on their property for sale. Based on our experience & market survey, we understand the importance of wall colors when it comes to selling a property.

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