Benefits of Using a Local Painting Contractor

When you employ a local painting contractor in South Jersey, you’re hiring a team of professionals from your own community who are personally invested in the success of your project from start to finish.

Here are the top four benefits of using local painters in South Jersey:

1. Local Painting Contractors will Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Many people need help choosing the colors that will suit their project the best. Small, local businesses know how important it is to work hard to earn your business, which is why Pizzazz Painting offers FREE professional color consultation with every project so that you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

2. Local Painting Contractors are Committed to Better Quality Workmanship

For a local painting contractor, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Local painters in south Jersey are more likely to be meticulous with the prep work and cleanup because to a local company, you aren’t just another job – you’re a friend or neighbor.

3. Local Contractors are More Trustworthy

Local painting companies depend on referrals and do their best to earn your recommendation by providing honest, transparent services. Reputable painting contractors in South Jersey will include an itemized list of materials in your quote, so there are no hidden costs.

4. Local Painting Contractors are More Knowledgeable

To a locally owned painting company, painting isn’t just a job – it’s a craft that they have worked hard to hone. At Pizzazz Painting, our contractors are highly knowledgeable about painting and all of its aspects. Here are some of the top questions we receive as local painting contractors:

  • What questions do I ask a local painting contractor? Ask your South Jersey painters for references, insurance, and what kind of paint they use.
  • What kind of business certifications should a local painting contractor have? While local painting contractors in South Jersey don’t need a license to paint, they do need to show that they’re registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs as a Home Improvement Contractor.
  • What should I look for in a painting contractor in South Jersey? Look for a painting contractor that is local to your area rather than a chain company; a local contractor is more likely to provide better quality, more personalized service.

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A Quick Guide to Exterior Painting Problems

When it comes to exterior painting, South Jersey residents know they can trust Pizzazz Painting. Our quick guide to exterior painting problems will answer many common questions and help you avoid issues before they begin.

Below are common questions we often hear about exterior painting problems.

How Do I Choose Exterior Paint Colors for My House?

Surprisingly, choosing the wrong color can result in more problems than appearance. The first step for exterior painting South Jersey residents sometimes forget about is checking your HOA policies. You could incur fines and forced to repaint your home if you violate your HOA agreement when choosing an exterior paint color. Pizzazz Painting offers professional color consultations with every job if you are unsure of which color to choose.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Paint?

Problems can occur from choosing the wrong type of paint, including peeling, bubbling, and a patchy appearance. You should select a high-quality exterior paint, which will look better and last longer than cheaper alternatives, as well as take fewer coats. Interior and exterior paints are formulated differently so that they are made for the purpose of being durable either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor paint contains softer resins in order to prevent chipping and peeling and may off-gas for long periods of time, while indoor paint contains harder binding resins, helping it hold up to scrubbing and cleaning.

What Do I Need to Do Before Painting My House?

Prep work eliminates many problems that occur due to paint not adhering properly. Houses should usually be painted every five to seven years, however many people wait longer until they can see large areas peeling. This means that there will be more prep work involved to make the new paint adhere and apply correctly. Local painting contractors in South Jersey should do all of the prep work for you, even for difficult materials, like brick. If you are wondering how to paint exterior brick, you should know that once primer and paint are applied, it is extremely difficult to remove. Choosing a local professional contractor for painting the exterior of your home ensures that you will have the best results.

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Tips for Choosing Unique Color Schemes for House Painting

Homeowners looking into house painting in South Jersey often ask the same question: how do I choose a unique color scheme that fits in with the neighborhood? We have several tips that will help you decide what colors you should paint your house so you can show your personality while increasing your curb appeal (and property value)!

Check With Your HOA

Always check with your Homeowners Association to see what restrictions there are on colors for house painting. Each HOA has its own rules and regulations, with some being more flexible than others.

Choose Each Component’s Color

  • Siding – The siding on your home will be the focal point. Make sure it ties in with other important elements that are difficult or impossible to change, such as your neighborhood’s aesthetic, your driveway, and your roof.
  • Trims – Your home will have at least one trim color that is featured around doors and windows, as well as roof edgings and railings. You can choose to have trim that contrasts with your siding or have it blend in, depending on your home’s architectural style and the look you’re going for.
  • Shutters – Shutters are a great place to add a pop of color; even if you are limited by your HOA, you should still be able to add some contrast and architectural interest by choosing a different color for your shutters.
  • Front Door – Your front door is a great opportunity to show some personality. Adding a pop of color to your front door is an easy way to make your home look more inviting.

Always Do A Test Swatch

Whenever you are choosing colors for the exterior of your home, never base your decision solely on paint chips. Always make sure to test large swatches on your home with every color, so that you know you are going to be happy with the end result. Painting your home is an investment, and you will want to make sure that the colors look the same both in the correct lighting, as well as coordinate well when painted next to each other.

Why Choose Pizzazz Painting

Pizzazz Painting has been the best house painting company in South Jersey for over two decades. We have skilled and professional staff who cares about every job, and we are meticulously detail-oriented. Pizzazz Painting is always punctual; by showing up on time and finishing quickly, we make sure that none of your valuable time is wasted.

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Pizzazz Painting is the premier company for house painting in South Jersey, and services the entire tri-state area. We offer free color consultations and are able to protect your home while making it look beautiful. Call Pizzazz Painting today!

Interior Painting That Will Never Go Out Of Style

When you are hiring an interior painting company in South Jersey, you want to make sure that whatever colors and styles you choose won’t look dated in just a few short years. So, how do you choose colors that will continue to look fresh and modern now, as well as in the future?

South Jersey Interior Painting: How to Choose a Color?

If you want an interior paint color that will stand the test of time, we almost always recommend a neutral option. This leaves you free to change your decor and accessories so that you can have nearly endless style options. However, even with neutrals, there are lots of options!

Undertones Matter

Whenever you are choosing a neutral paint color, you will want to pay attention to the undertones, so that you can keep all your interior paint colors in the same family. Even within seemingly simple choices, such as white or gray, there is always either a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. If you are having trouble discerning whether a paint color is cool, warm, or neutral, look at the darkest color on the color strip. You should be able to pick up definite cool, warm, or neutral tones. Cool colors have undertones of blue or green, while warm undertones include red, pink, orange, yellow, or brown.

Lighting is Important

Lighting can drastically alter the way an interior paint color looks, so you should always bring swatches to where you plan to paint. If possible, buying small amounts of the paint colors you are considering, and painting small areas is also a good idea. You may also want to consider lighter colors for rooms that don’t have much natural light, while darker colors work better in a room with plenty of sunlight.

Why Choose Pizzazz Painting?

Pizzazz Painting has been the best interior painting company in South Jersey for over 20 years. We have built our reputation on customer satisfaction; we use only high-quality paints and supplies, and we have a professional, experienced staff who will make your home or business look beautiful. Pizzazz Painting is always exceptionally punctual, so you never have to worry about your valuable time being wasted. We show up on time and finish on time, and we do all of our own prep and cleanup. The only thing you have to worry about is what color you want!

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Let Nature Inspire Your Color Palette

Bring Nature Into Your Home

Light in nature creates the movement of colors.” – Robert Delauney

Have you ever spent a day at the beach where you come home sweaty, sandy and completely exhausted, yet inexplicably relaxed and at peace?  Is it the sun and saltwater air that’s so rejuvenating? Yes.

But I think the colors of the beachfront have something to do with it too. Research shows that colors impact our mood and behavior. Silver is linked to cutting edge innovation.  White invokes purity and youth.  Red makes us feel powerful and confident.

Seaside colors are yellow (sun) and blue (water). Yellow makes people feel warm and energetic. Blue has been shown to produce a feeling of calm and peace. So, it’s no surprise we are so drawn to the colors of the oceanfront.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t live on the beach or on a mountain top. But we can recreate the mood in our home by using the colors of nature to inspire our home décor. If it’s time to repaint your home, consider the following colors.

Refreshing and Tranquil Green

Green immediately brings to mind lush forests, trees and grass. Shades of green are often used by interior decorators to invoke feelings of calm.  Television producers use “green rooms” for guests to wait in before their appearance.

The darker the shade of green, the more soothing and relaxing it is. On the other hand, vibrant greens are motivating and energetic. Lime green or chartreuse are often used in the Caribbean that reflects their lively, laid back culture.

Use green in a room to make it feel fresh, natural, or restful.

Yellow: The Source of Life

Vincent Van Gogh said, “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

The sun is the source of life. Therefore, yellow is warm, energetic and attention-grabbing. However, be aware yellow reflects a lot of light so it easily tires the eyes.

Yellow rooms are cheerful and full of vitality. Use a pale yellow to mimic a sunny day and a darker yellow to bring in the joy of sunflowers.  Kitchens and children’s playrooms are ideal places for yellow paint and décor.

In other rooms, use yellow to draw attention to interesting details.

Earthy Brown

Tones of brown remind us of soil, rocks and the earth so it’s often associated security and stability. Tan brown makes us feel warm, comfortable, and nurturing.   Leather furniture is often a luxurious tan color for this very reason.

Rich, dark browns remind us of wood and can be very sophisticated. Interior decorators will often combine shades of brown with blue to bring an earth-water harmony to a room.

Use brown in rooms that you want to bring a sense of reliability and security to.  Bedrooms, dens and dining rooms look wonderful in brown tones and accents.

Sky Blue

Pale blue reminds us of a clear summer sky and dark blue looks like a deep pool of water. Blue is often described as serene and calming, especially turquoise hues like teal and aquamarine.

Blue also reminds people of twilight, the ocean, and sleep which makes people feel peaceful and secure. For this reason, blue is a favorite color of many people and is a safe choice to decorate in.

For an icy feel, choose a cool blue. Be aware this can cause feelings of distance and cold if overused.

Blues are often used in bedrooms and home offices to promote feelings of calm and peace.

Autumn Orange

People either love it or hate it. It is very attention-grabbing and some people describe it as vibrant, happy and uplifting. Other’s call it vulgar and blatant.

It’s a controversial color.

But if you want to invoke the feeling of a bright sunset or the sweetness of citrus fruit, no color does it better. Orange makes people feel energetic, excited, and warm. In the United States, orange is heavily associated with harvest and Halloween.

For a light citrus feel, go with a yellow-orange and for the deep hues of autumn, go with pumpkin orange or reddish-orange.

The Palette of Nature

To accentuate your nature-inspired paint colors, choose décor to match. Think seagrass tables, lush ferns, or leafy arrangements.

In the bedroom, consider a bamboo headboard and a comforter in soothing botanical colors.  Wall art with tranquil blues, whites, and tan remind of us of the ocean. Fill a glass jar with seashells and bits of driftwood.

Let us help you pick just the right shade to help you bring a little of mother nature into your home. If you need a home painter in South Jersey, including Marlton, Cherry Hill, and Moorestown, give Pizzazz Painting a call today! Call 609-702-8200 today.

Should You Paint or Replace Aluminum Siding?

A Guide to Painting Aluminum Siding On Your Home

Aluminum siding is a great choice for most homes and has been popular since the 1940s. It does everything that siding should do better than wood.

Aluminum doesn’t rot, it doesn’t snap off in strong wind, and properly installed, is far better at keeping your home insulated, fire-safe, and termite free.

There’s only one major downside to aluminum siding, and that’s the finish it comes with from the factory.

The baked-on color finish of aluminum siding turns chalky from exposure sun and rain, eventually fading away completely.

Patches of bare aluminum metal eventually begin to show through. It’s not a good look.

When this happens, many homeowners think that they will have to replace their aluminum siding with newer, more expensive vinyl to make their house look good again.

Can you really paint aluminum siding?

Everybody knows you can paint wood, but a lot of homeowners assume discolored aluminum needs to be scrapped. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Aluminum siding takes paint very well. Paint adheres to metal better than it does to vinyl, and since aluminum doesn’t shrink and swell like wood, you don’t have to worry about paint peeling off the way you do with wood shingles.

The only reason to get rid of faded aluminum is if the siding is badly damaged or punctured. Damaged siding should be repaired or replaced before painting.

Here’s How To Paint Aluminum Siding

  1. Clean the Surface

Aluminum doesn’t rust or rot, but you need to clean the chalky oxidation and any mildew off of your siding. These will keep new paint from adhering well.

You need to clean the siding until it will pass a white glove test–wiping a clean paper napkin across the surface, no chalky powder should come off.

This powder is the remains of the factory finish combined with the white oxidation that naturally occurs on bare aluminum.

The best way to clean aluminum siding for painting is with a pressure washer.  If you don’t have one, you’ll need to rent or borrow one for the job.

Fill your pressure washer with a mix of TSP and capful of household bleach. TSP is a powerful cleaning agent, available at most hardware stores. It comes concentrated, and should be diluted per the instructions on the jug you buy.

The mix is typically one cup of TSP per gallon of water.

TSP is a powerful chemical agent, and you should handle it with gloves and eye protection.

  1. Prime the Siding

Primer is one of the most important steps when painting aluminum siding. Primer does two important things.

First, it seals the aluminum to prevent the chalky oxidation from happening under your paint.

Second, primer creates a uniform surface that is ideal for paint adhesion.

Aluminum should be painted with a self-etching primer designed for metal. This primer bites into the surface of the aluminum and cuts past any oxidation to create a strong bond.

Don’t use any kind of “2-in-1” paint and primer. These are basically false advertising.

They create a thicker, more durable surface, and can replace the need for primer in light-duty interior painting. However, they do not have a genuine primer in the mix, and will not bond to aluminum any better than regular latex interior paint would–which is to say, not very well.

  1. Start Painting

Once the primer is dry, it is time to start painting! You can brush or spray paint onto aluminum siding once it has been primed.

If you choose to use a brush, work with small batches of paint, and try to stay in the shade. Since aluminum heats up in the sun, paint will also thicken and set quicker.

If you are only used to interior painting, you could easily brush or roll on too much paint. If it dries before you can finish spreading it, you could have uneven spots and unsightly runs of paint.

The best way to paint aluminum siding is with an airless sprayer. These tools are used by professional painters to create a perfect finish.

Not only do these sprayers cover more area, but they do it faster and with a more even finish than a brush or roller could do. They do require a lot of skill to use properly though, and keeping the tool clean and spraying smoothly can be a challenge.

What Kind of Paint Should You Use On Aluminum?

You can paint your aluminum siding in just about any color once your primer has dried. Very bright colors might need a lightly tinted or white base, but most common home colors can be painted directly over your metal primer.

The sheen of the paint is just as important as its color. Flat or matte paint has a lot going for it from an exterior design perspective. The chalky or velvety finish will give your home a very modern appearance as long as the paint is clean. It also hides small painting mistakes like bad brushwork much better than other finishes.

But matte paint is hard to clean. The surface texture attracts more dirt and stains than other finishes. And spraying or scrubbing dirty spots can burnish the surface and create an uneven finish.

While the paint itself should last a long time, the initial dead-flat finish should only be expected to last a few years. Satin or eggshell finishes are much more durable than flat finishes. They are easier to clean and will resist stains far better than flat paint.

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