Decorative House Painting in South Jersey

Decorative painting is not in the skill set of every painting company. When homeowners in South Jersey think of decorative painting, they think of Pizzazz Painting! We offer the best variety of decorative home painting in South Jersey, and our staff has been perfecting our painting techniques for well over a decade.

Give Your Home Some Pizzazz!

Sometimes you need that special touch, that pièce de résistance which draws your artwork, furniture, and light fixtures into a cohesive tapestry. You want something elegant, something original–a finish option that distinguishes your space. That’s where we come in. Pizzazz Painting’s color consultants can help you choose that special finish for when flat color just won’t do.

For that special touch, Pizzazz can create a variety of effects, including faux finishes and special patterns. Pizzazz’s expert painters can give your bedroom a Roman touch or your dining room an artistic flair. If you want unique, high-quality finishes in your home, choose Pizzazz!

Types of Decorative Painting in South Jersey

1. Stairways

If you have a boring wooden staircase in your home, why not spruce it up and add interest with some paint? Pizzazz Painting uses only the highest quality paints and materials, and we are experts in applying unique designs and covering up worn areas to give them new life. We can paint your risers or actual steps to transform your home and give it the aesthetic that best reflects you. Since we are pros at harlequin wall pattern, crisp lines, and distressing techniques, we can turn your staircase into a focal point in your home.

2. Faux Painting Techniques

Faux painting techniques are hard to master. Don’t leave a huge investment – your home – in the hands of amateurs. Pizzazz Painting has decades of experience with decorative painting, and we are experts in faux painting techniques. Faux painting adds texture and interest to your home. Whether you want a wall painted to look like marble or granite, or you love the old world look of crackled paint, we can transform your home into exactly what you envision! Our faux painting experts can also create a luxurious wallpaper-like look, at a lower price than buying rolls and rolls of expensive wallpaper.

3. Ceilings

Ceilings are like a fifth wall in every room, yet they are often overlooked. Painting your ceiling can change the entire look and feel of your home. Whether you want a bold, flashy metallic look, or even a pattern, we can get the job done! Ceilings, just like any other wall, can be a subtle accent or a striking statement. We will make your home or business as unique as you are.

4. Fireplaces

Mantels and fireplaces are often difficult to paint properly. At Pizzazz Painting, we have the experience and tools necessary to complete these jobs quickly. Transforming an old brick mantel or fireplace into a welcoming place for your family to gather is just a quick phone call away. When you’re dealing with materials and areas that require special products or care, such as brick or stone, don’t trust just any painting company. Call Pizzazz Painting and make sure the job is done right.

5. Specialty Patterns

Do you love stripes, diamonds, or stencil work? Pizzazz Painting will make your home look beautiful with perfect, sharp edges, and expertly applied patterns. From pin striping to chevrons, we can make your design dreams come true! Our color experts will work with you to make sure that your vision is realized. Specialty patterns look amazing in small rooms, such as bathrooms, or simply to place emphasis on a wall or area in your home. Other great places to put specialty patterns include as a border along the top of your wall, in a room where you may want to mimic the look of wallpaper, or even as a cool way to make a dramatic statement by changing up an unusual area, such as your ceiling.

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South Jersey’s Decorative Painters

Businesses in Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, and the rest of South Jersey have relied on Pizzazz painting to create aesthetically pleasing decorative wall finishes for over a decade.

We are proud of our work, which you can view in our “previous work” gallery.

If you need decorative painting in your business, Pizzazz Painting is the place to call. We are experts in nearly every decorative painting technique and can make your business match the aesthetic you envision. We can paint interiors or exteriors with decorative techniques, even on unusual surfaces, such as metal, brick, or stone.

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Pizzazz Painting is regularly recognized as one of the best painting companies in the area ofMount Laurel, Cherry Hill, and South Jersey

Pizzazz Painting is regularly recognized as one of the best painting companies in the area mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, and South Jersey

Create A Beautiful New Look

We create the most elegant and romantic wall finishes you can find in Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Voorhees NJ. However, we don’t just work on the walls. We can paint almost anything and everything. If you need intimate ceiling finishes to warm up your bedroom or decorative finishes to lighten up the dining room, we are always waiting to help. We will give them a brand-new look. Even if the surfaces are old and crackling, through innovative decorative finishing, we can easily breathe new life into them.

We also offer decorative finishing for stairways as well as architectural pieces such as mantels and fireplaces. The options are only limited by your imagination!

Why Pizzazz Painting

Pizzazz Painting is a family-owned company, and our number one concern is customer satisfaction. We have a hard-earned reputation for being one of the top painting companies in New Jersey. We offer a wide range of services, from prep work such as drywall repair, pressure washing, and wallpaper removal, to decorative painting. South Jersey residents have gotten to know us over more than two decades and know that we will never leave any splatter or mess for you to clean up. We make sure our prep work and clean-up are meticulous. If you are looking for a reliable, fast, and professional decorative painting company in South Jersey or surrounding areas, Pizzazz Painting is the company to call!

Pizzazz Painting is happy to provide you with a quote for any services you may need, from prep work to painting, to clean-up. We even offer specialty services, such as expert color consulting from trained interior design professionals to faux and decorative painting techniques. If it can be painted, Pizzazz Painting is the company to call!

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