There aren’t very many rooms in an organization’s building that holds as much significance and importance as the conference room.

For most companies – be it Fortune-500s or promising startups – this is where managers and company leaders give presentations, schedule essential meetings with business partners and clients, and make those decisions that will forever define the direction of the business.

For an organization that is just starting out, an elegant conference room can leave a lasting impression while also freshening up the space to promote collaboration and team building.

It helps to think outside the box, away from plush furnishings and innovative technology, to a well-thought-out commercial painting project that can put the organization on the right track.

Meeting Room Technology

Technology is the driving force of most companies these days, and as such, many companies have no second thoughts about investing in the technologically advanced workstation to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

The conference room should be treated with a similar approach. You can incorporate a network computer that allows participants easy access to their files, a data/digital projector which displays computer applications/spreadsheets, and interactive whiteboards.

There is also the option of using conferencing equipment which makes for an ideal way for companies with multiple geographical locations to meet regularly and exchange data, text, and images in real time.

It also has features which support virtual presence, otherwise called e-presence. You may also look room control systems which enhances the control of a myriad of electronic gadgets from a central location.

If standard whiteboards are to be incorporated into the organization’s conference room design, it will help to factor into your commercial painting project the cost of covering parts of the wall dry erase paints or chalkboards. This will bring out maximum productivity from your employees since everyone can express their ideas in unique and creative ways.

Choose the Right Colors

Significant studies have shown that workplace colors can have a subliminal psychological effect on employees which encompasses calmness, energy, creativity, and productivity.

Knowing what colors to adorn the walls of the conference room with can do more than aesthetic functions and promote certain desirable employee traits.


Yellow is a stimulant for mental alertness and muscle energy. It has no connection with happiness, joy, intellect, and energy. If you’re looking for more of a prestigious look, yellow should do the trick. It also helps when you intend selling off a product on the high side or gain the upper hand in negotiations.


This symbolizes emotional intensity, which comes portable when you’re trying to exploit the emotional sensibilities of people.


Fascination, happiness, creativity, success, determination, encouragement, stimulation and sensation of heat are the usual vibes given off by this hue. If you’re looking for high-level mental engagement or teamwork, this color is ideal.


This color has strong ties to nature and life. It gives off such vibes as harmony, safety, endurance, stability, growth, and freshness. For a conference room, green will offer a backdrop of peace and calm for brainstorming on challenging topics and forgetting honest feedbacks.


This color breeds loyalty, trust, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, faith and truth. It induces calmness by slowing down metabolism. If you’re contemplating outlandish ideas or perhaps some ‘tall dream’ for your organization in those board meetings, think blue.


This one gets the creative juices flowing. It signifies creativity, independence, royalty, power, ambition, wealth and independence.

It makes for a great atmosphere when attempting to ‘think outside the box’ or impress clients.

Getting the color(s) of your conference room right can go a long way towards improving employee efficiency and enhancing productivity, so do your utmost best to make that workspace as comfortable and employee-friendly as possible.

That way you can get the best out of both worlds – business and pleasure.