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Dustless Sanding

Restoring Your Home Without The Mess

Pizzazz Painting offers dustless sanding in New Jersey so you can restore your home without the frustrations of a mess. If you’ve had to spackle your walls to cover holes or other damage, this doesn’t need to define the beauty of your space, nor does chipped paint. We use specialized sanders that can smooth over the spackle and get it ready for an even coat of paint.

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Dustless Sanding Cleans Room Without Damaging Furniture Or Paint
Dustless Sanding That Doesn't Hurt Decorations Or Paint

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Are you repainting your company’s walls for a fresh look? Did you just buy a commercial building to start a business? If you have spackle on your walls or chipped paint, we can smooth it over without a dusty mess so your business is never halted for cleanup.


Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or repainting a section of your home, our professional painters can help. We start each of our painting jobs with sanding to ensure the surface is smooth and clean, so the paint goes on even.

Dustless sanding residential

Dustless Sanding

Our professional painters can sand both commercial and residential interiors with no mess. We use the Festool Dustless Sander for a mess-free sanding job. As we sand, it collects the dust into a containment system, so it never touches your floors or walls.  

Why Choose Us

Pizzazz Painting prioritizes prep before painting to ensure you’ll recieve the highest quality paint job. Our tools and painters are the best in the business, with dustless capabilities that make the sanding job fast and efficient. With over 25 years of sanding and painting experience, you’re in good hands when you work with our professional painters.

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