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Custom Trim and Woodworking

Complete Interior Trim

At Pizzazz Painting, we provide complete interior trim for everything from window casing to crown molding. Trim is an important part of any interior design as it defines the architectural style of your home. Our team of house painters and trim installers will ensure your custom trim fits with the rest of your interior color and decor.

If you need custom trim for your house or commercial building, contact Pizzazz Painting today. We’ll work with you to determine your preferences and best options for home improvement. 

Below, we’ll outline the types of custom trim we offer in South Jersey.

Custom White Doorframe Trim At Pizzazz Painting
Custom White Trim At Pizzazz Painting

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Window and Door Casing

While window and door casing is important primarily for sealing cold air outside the house, it doesn’t need to clash with the rest of your interior design. We create custom trim that goes around all shaped doors and windows so it provides not only the functionality but the beauty your space needs.

Chair Rail

A chair rail is a trim that sits around the height of a chair. This trim is common in dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and living rooms. Our professional painters will help you determine if a chair rail is the right wall decor for your home and help you improve your space.


In addition to painting, we also install baseboards around the edges of your walls. Our professional painters ensure that the baseboards are clean no matter what painting you need inside your home or commercial building.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is common for cabinets, columns, and where the wall meets the ceiling. This style of custom trim adds elegance to any residential or commercial space, and with Pizzazz Painting, it will look seamless with the rest of your house.


This decorative wall trim often comes in wooden panels that extend at least a third of the way up the wall. This type of custom trim uses one wall out of the four and can come in many different styles. We’ll work with you to determine your desires for the room and walk you through the trim options that work best with the color, furniture, and decor of your space.

Custom Column Trim At Pizzazz Painting
Custom Ceiling Trim At Pizzazz Painting

Professional Trim Installation in South Jersey

For over 25 years, Pizzazz Painting has provided professional trim installation in South Jersey. Whether you want crown molding, chair rails, wainscoting, or another type of decorative trim, we’ll customize the style to your design preferences. We make choosing and installing your custom trim and woodwork simple and stress-free.

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Are you ready to renovate your home with custom trim? To talk with a professional painter and trim installer, contact Pizzazz Painting today. We look forward to helping you transform your house to exude your desired style and tone.

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