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Surface Preparation

Hiring a Professional Painter to Handle Your Surface Preparation 

There’s more to painting than just applying the new color. The professional painters at Pizzazz Painting also offer surface preparation in South Jersey. We ensure that your walls are properly prepared, so the paint sticks and is smooth and seamless. Whether you’re getting ready for a paint job in a residential or commercial building, the painters at Pizzazz Painting can help you with surface preparation.

To talk with a professional painter about the current state of your walls and the preparation you need for a smooth paint job, contact Pizzazz Painting today.

Professional Surface Preparation at Pizzazz Painting
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Preparing Your Walls Ensure Longevity

Complete surface preparation is different depending on the type of surface you’re painting. At Pizzazz Painting, we know how to prep brick, drywall, and everything in between. Below we’ll outline how we prep common surfaces for the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building.


Common interior surfaces that we provide surface preparation include concrete, drywall, plaster, and more. We clean each surface and dry with towels or allow efficient time to air dry. For concrete, we use brooms, vacuum, and air blasters to ensure the surface is clean, smooth and ready for paint.

When it comes to drywall, we spackle any nailheads, tape up joints, and remove all dust. If you intend to paint a plaster surface, we patch any damage and ensure the plaster is cured and hard.


Cement and brick are the types of surfaces we commonly prepare on the exterior of buildings. When we provide surface preparation for cement, we wash with a cleaner, rinse, and allow time for drying. If there is any residual paint from a previous job, we’ll scrape and sand down the surface.

When it comes to brick, we use wire brushes to remove loose mortar, dirt, and foreign material. We then condition the brick, and it’s ready for a fresh coat of paint.

If you didn’t see your surface outlined above, contact our professional painters to discuss how we can provide surface preparation for your walls.

Surface Preparation Unpainted Room

Our Process

Cleaning and Clearing the Walls. Every surface needs proper cleaning before a new coat of paint. If you paint a dirty or dusty wall, you’ll end up with streaks and bumps, which could lead your paint to shed. At Pizzazz Painting, our surface preparation begins with properly cleaning each type of wall material, from brick to concrete to drywall. We’ll use the tools needed to get the job done right.

Removing Old Paint. Once your wall is clean, our next step in surface preparation is to remove any old paint from the walls. Random swatches of old paint can cause an uneven texture and appearance to your new paint. We use putty knives and other tools to efficiently remove the paint residue without damaging your walls.

Priming Your Walls. The next step of our surface preparation in South Jersey includes primer. This covers up any imperfections, whether that’s patches or repairs. Primer also blocks stains, so they don’t bleed through your new paint. We use the highest quality primers, so you never need to worry about old problems continuing on after your new coat of paint.

Applying Your Preferred Paint Color. After we complete our surface preparation, we can also paint your walls. With over 25 years of experience painting different surfaces, we know when a wall is ready for a new coat of paint. With thorough and efficient painting, we ensure that you get a smooth, clean finish with no unwanted paint on trim or carpet.

Looking For a Professional Painter in South Jersey? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Do you have old paint or damaged and dirty walls? The professional painters at Pizzazz Painting provide the complete surface preparation you need before repainting. You can trust us not only to clean and repair your walls but paint them too. To talk more about what you need for the interior or exterior of your home, call us today.

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