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Color Consulting

Need Help Choosing a Paint Color?

Are you unsure what color to choose for the interior or exterior of your house? Pizzazz Painting offers professional color consultations in South Jersey. With education and experience with design and color coordination, we can provide color advice for any and all surfaces. When you work with Pizzazz Painting, choosing a color is collaborative and focused on your objectives, color preferences, decor, and more to ensure you get the shade that’s right for you.

We offer color consultations for both the interior and exterior of your home. We’ll provide a color plan that outlines the paint brand, color, and finish. If your preferences include a more complicated color placement, our color consultants create a color map.

A fan of color samples, used when doing color consultation at Pizzazz Painting.
Grey Couch Color Matched With Grey While through Color Consulting With Pizzazz Painting

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When it comes to the colors inside your home, choosing the right one sets the tone for the entire space. While one color can brighten and enhance your living area, another can make it feel dark and cramped. This is why seeking a professional color consultant is essential to picking the color that works with your unique interior space, furniture, and decor. We can help you choose a color for one room or every room inside your house or commercial building.

Additionally, we can provide advice on faux finishes, stripes, patterns and designs, stairs, ceilings, fireplaces and mantels, and more.


Our color consultants will also help you choose the right color for the exterior of your home. We’ll help you choose the color that enhances the features of your home while staying within any Homeowners Association (HOA) parameters. With experience painting many different types of building exteriors, we can help choose the right color for stone, concrete, and brick.

Professional Color Matched Room By The Consultants at Pizzazz Painting

Custom Paint Color Schemes

If you can’t find a color that best suits your preferences, our color consultants can help you find an ideal custom paint color. Whether you found a color in a magazine, fabric, or from a color sample card, we’ll ensure you have that color for your space. First, we’ll advise on whether this color will suit the interior or exterior of your home and then we can create that unique color scheme specifically for your home.


At Pizzazz Painting, our color consultations are free. Whether you need help choosing between two colors or have no idea what color to choose, our color consultants are here to help for no charge.

Professional Color Consultants

Our color consultants in South Jersey have over 25 years of experience painting many different types of interiors and exteriors. This experience allows us to provide professional insight into what color paints work with different unique spaces, decor, and exterior features. The color of your house or commercial building is important to set the right tone and impression. Our color consultants help you choose a paint color that meets your preferences and creates beauty for your space.

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Are you ready to choose the paint color that’s going to transform the look of your home? Call our professional painters in South Jersey today to schedule a free, professional color consultation. Why do it alone when you can consult with experts for free?

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