Choosing the right commercial paint color for your office can be difficult. You don’t want to have stark, white walls that feel cold and sterile, but you also want to avoid bright colors that are distracting and don’t seem professional.

Common Paint Colors for Offices

Some of the most common commercial paint color for offices include:

  • Off-White or Beige – Off-white or beige is a good choice for an office because it takes the clean, neutral appearance of white and softens it so it’s not so clinical. With the right accessories, off-white or beige can be very welcoming in an office setting.
  • Grey – Grey can be a great option for a neutral space, but make sure you do some swatches in the light of your natural space. Grey can also make your office look cold or melancholy, so it’s important to choose the shade carefully.
  • Light Blue or Teal – Light blue or teal is a common choice for an office paint color because it makes people feel calm and relaxed, perfect for getting work done, especially if it is stressful or high-pressure.
  • Purple – Purple can look great in an office, whether it’s a deep purple used on an accent wall for a lawyer’s office or a light lavender for a realtor’s office. Purple is the perfect choice for someone looking for an interior paint color that stands out but is still appropriate.
  • Green – Green, like purple, can be used in a deep shade as an accent color, to convey richness, such as in a financial advisor’s office, or in a lighter shade that is soothing, but still suitable for an office setting, such as at a medical office.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color?

If you are unsure of what commercial paint color to choose, don’t be afraid to get small amounts of different colors to swatch a wall, so that you can see the colors in the light of the room. Looking at what is common for your industry is also a good idea; what may be suitable in an office for a mechanic, for instance, may be different than what a therapist might choose for their office. You can also consult a professional for commercial painting services.

Professional Painters in South Jersey 

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