Is home painting on your to-do-list & you want to get through the entire process effortlessly? If yes! Then it is important to get the basics right. House painting is a complete package. One needs to consider factors like selecting the house painting contractor, color (shade), paint quality, quantity and yes, the number of coats to be applied.

As a resident of Voorhees NJ, even if you hire the best house painting contractor, we are sure you would still want to learn more about the basics. This knowledge will help you keep track of the progress.

Most homeowners have a misconception, related to the number of coats to be applied. Majority of them believe, one single coat is enough as paint just needs to serve the aesthetic purpose. But that is not true always. Paint on the wall, serves many other purposes. Hence, it is vital to consider a few important factors, before deciding on the final number of coats to be applied.

Paint Job in The Past

 Previous paint jobs are important, while calculating the exact number of paint coats required. If you decide to repaint your home with the same shade, a single paint coat can do a great job. But if the color chosen is different, the wall might require more than one paint coat. If the previous paint is lighter than the current shade, then about two coats should be sufficient. But if the underlying color is a darker shade, then it is essential to go over two to three coats to achieve the desired look.

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Primer Before Paint

Primer before paint is the best equation to save time, money, efforts and paint. Priming walls, before applying paint always prove to be beneficial. Priming is the best and easy method to smoothen the wall surface and achieve uniform walls, ready for a paint application.


 If the wall to be painted is new & you choose not to use a primer, in such scenarios the first 2 coats will do the job of smoothening the wall surface. Post which several coats of paint need to be applied on the wall, to get that perfect finishing. Painting drywalls, is an expensive & time-consuming process. To save both, time & money and yet get the desired look, its highly recommended to use primer on drywalls before applying paint.


The Paint Quality

Quality of paint makes a measurable difference in influencing the number of paint coats. Elements present in low quality paint, fail to perform in comparison with good or high-quality paint. In such scenarios, if the paint chosen is of good quality, the number of coats required will be lesser & vice versa.