Home improvement, always demands homeowners to invest a good amount of time and money on the project. Home painting is one of the most crucial activities, as it creates a base of the entire aesthetics & ambiance of a home. If anything goes wrong with a painting project, rectifying it can highly increase the project cost.

Every aspect of a paint job makes an impact on the final outcome. Right from picking the right shade & color scheme to buying good quality paint & even hiring professional painting services. In Marlton NJ, where the city’s architecture is a blend of residential & commercial spaces, many homeowners have multiple questions about interior & exterior painting services in their mind, before they begin with the actual paint job. It’s basically an important part of research done.

This question & answer series mentioned below is specifically compiled to help owners get acquainted with different questions, that various homeowners consider when they plan a home painting project soon. We hope this will help you make, speedy yet correct home painting decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the vital aspects to look before hiring a painting contractor?

Answer: Well! there is not one, but many things to look before selecting the final painting contractor for a home painting project. It is important to not miss out on these bare minimum factors like license, insurance, experience, SLA & reputation.

Q2. When to expect a final Estimate?

Answer: In several cases, painting companies provide customers with a printed proposal copy, along with a mention of material & labor pricing. A few painting companies also share estimates at no extra cost.

Q3. What are the basic requirements for preparing a home painting estimate?

Answer: Primarily, it is very important for all decision makers to be present during the estimate discussion. In case, it is difficult to have everyone present at the same time, we recommend you arrange for the below-mentioned information beforehand.

  • A list of work to be done. Get a detailed version of every room & even the exterior.
  • Choose the type of colors
  • You can also accommodate information about the likes & dislikes of the last paint job
  • Identify a rough budget. In order to get a tailor-made proposal matching the closest to your needs & the spending capacity.

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Q4. Can I know what painting preparation do I need to do after signing in a painting contract?

Answer: Before getting the actual painting, activity kick-started, we suggest customers to remove fragile & breakable items like, show pieces, glass items electronic devices and thing else that is valuable. Furniture and other daily use items can be moved by us. In case you need a more detailed version of the prep tips, you can readily find it on the web.

Q5. Will a painting company also repair rotten wood & drywall?

Answer: Well! A full services painting company prides itself in offering end to end painting solutions. Several painting companies also pay attention to solving issues like cracks, holes or drywalls before starting the actual task. Painting contractors also offer other services like, repairing rotten wood or replacing the wood siding to make the job more seamless for the client. In case, it is not mentioned, we advise you to ask for it.

Q6. How can I as a customer, confirm if the painting contractor is licensed & insured?

Answer: The only way to get this information is by asking the painting contractor. And we are sure they will give you valid information.

We hope this information is of value & will make a difference for your next home painting project. As a responsible and committed painting company, we love to support our clients in every step of their home painting journey.