When it’s about choosing paint colors or deciding on painting ideas for your son’s bedroom, you may get stuck as there are so many options to choose from. Proper combinations of colors can grace a bedroom and make it look more cozy& classy. Boy’s rooms don’t have to be always cluttered with posters and action figures to flaunt their interests.

There are a few ways that could help you design and decorate your boy’s bedroom without exaggerating or going overboard on the budget.  Consulting with a professional interior house painter in Marlton, NJ may help!

But before you reach them, take a quick glance below and decide on which color shade and idea you would like to apply on your child’s bedroom.

Like A Toy Store

Why not make your little boy feel that he is in a toy store? Installing shelving units or built-ins with toys, books, and games in rooms will make the ambience funny & engaging. You can also flaunt their favorite hot wheels on shelves. Keep a basket or bin to store unnecessary stuffs, matching with the color scheme. Red will be the perfect shade for their bedroom.

Change Is Good!

If your kid’s room is already colored with tan and beige, red accents will work wonders. Adding subtle stripes on walls will keep the neutral background far from boring.

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Sky Is the Limit

For your young astronaut, sky is the limit! Besides putting on pictures and artwork, it’s better to keep some of accents non-themed like solid-color pillows. This will help you update the theme as your little one’s taste and preference.

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Keep that Straight

If wall paper borders are not doing much, adding pennant-banners can redefine the look. Consider decorating the pennant triangles with letters, numbers and fun graphics.

Preferred Colors

Gray Owl

Gray Owl is simply great for a boy’s room, because the shade reflects fresh and fun feeling throughout. To make the look and feel of the room more engaging, adding a subtle blue/green undertone will help. The accent colors will surely lead to a nautical feel. If you want, you can even use stronger accents.

Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is well-liked by boys for its calm and soothing properties. This is a different shade of gray, featuring subtle-warm undertone that sometimes blaze slightly green.

Labrador Blue

Boys love blue color and painting the walls with Labrador Blue will surely make them happy. The shade perfectly adds personality to a room without overbearing. There are available plenty of accent colors that will look well with Labrador Blue.

Chelsea Gray

Chelsea gray is the strongest of all the palettes. If your son prefers a low-key or moody environment, this shade will surely match his preference.