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How to Prevent Exterior and Interior Paint from Fading?

Exterior and Interior House Paint

Remember when you shifted a cupboard or an artwork to see the previously covered area of the wall is darker? Every space that receives natural light suffers from fading paint because of UV rays.

Low-grade interior paints fade quickly under the harsh sunlight, but the exterior paint suffers the most. The extreme ultraviolet rays in the sunlight rupture the coloring pigment in the paint. Therefore, even high-quality, sturdy colors will eventually fade under harsh light.

Hence, all one can do is follow some measures to keep the interior and the exterior paint from fading. Our painters in Cinnaminson have put together a list of such measures:

1. Find a sheen that reflects well.

This is the most crucial part. The brightness and reflective quality of paint that you select decides how long the color will last. The eggshell colors, matte colors, and colors that are muted absorb more light. Such paints require more layers to sustain, and yet they fade faster. Satin and sheen such as bright white and yellow reflect more light, making them last longer. Semi-gloss and gloss paints are usually applied over trims, doors, and restroom walls.

2. Choose neutral colors for the exterior

Whenever you choose exterior paint for your house, stick with basic tones for the siding and shutters. Vibrant shades like red, yellow, bright blue, and dark green fade sooner. In comparison, neutral tones like whites, grays, and beiges last longer. Not just will these paints stay color-true longer, but they will also look natural.

Another thing you can do to make your home stand out is, paint a neutral color on the exterior and paint the front door with a pop color.

3. High-quality paints are better, trust us!

Quality of the paint is foremost in the world of painting. Low-priced paints are made with lower-grade materials that won’t last as long. Many manufacturers make premium stain-resistant paints using strong binding materials to help paint last longer for homes in Cinnaminson, NJ.

So, when your painter suggests using premium paints, believe them. It’s wise to spend money on high-quality paint that will last easily for a good five years unless you intend to paint again in two or three years. Spending a little more on the best quality paint right now would save a lot more money and time in the future.

4. Multiple coats pass the test of time.

Most reliable painters in Cinnaminson, NJ, recommend using multiple coats even though many high-quality paints may look sufficient with only a single layer. Multiple coats are very crucial for exterior painting.

But why use multiple coats? Because the second coat reinforces the first and the third coat reinforces the second, and so on. This way, your paint will remain in an excellent state much longer.

5. Use curtains and blinders.

This method is very significant to protect interior painting for homes in Cinnaminson, NJ. Since the New Jersey region receives quite a lot of sunlight, you can protect interior walls from UV rays using sturdy, elegant curtains and blinders. Hanging props like blinds and curtains prevent sunshine from beating straight down on your walls, furniture, and artifacts.

Simple tip: drop the curtains each time you go out or when a particular space is not in use.

These are some primary measures that will help your exterior and interior paint to last longer. And if you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at 609-702-8200.

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