Surface preparation is a time consuming task, but skipping it would not benefit you either. Homeowners managing the painting task themselves may find it difficult to go through the lengthy procedure, but professional interior & exterior house painters recommend having surface preparation. If you are residing in Cherry Hill, NJ; make sure you deal with a reliable and professional painting contractor to perform the tasks for you.

Surface preparation techniques vary according to the type of surfaces. It is not like both interior and exterior surface will have the same procedure. If you are planning to repaint, it’s not necessary to remove the entire, but only loose flakes. Painting over broken pieces can affect the entire painting project.

Necessary surface preparation techniques;

Wall cleaning:

Exterior walls may look clean, but every wall has dirt, dust and black spots. These walls usually get affected by fungi and they restrict the power of coating to stick properly to the wall. Therefore, cleaning the walls before painting is a must.


Although a length task, priming is necessary before you start with painting. Applying a coat of primer makes the surface look uniform in shade. The best part of applying primer is that it increases the life of paint, as it helps in its grip on to the surface.


Fixing wall Dampness:

Another vital step to look after before you start with painting is checking the wall for dampness. Discolored and wet patches on the wall marks the presence of humidity. Bacteria even find their home in gaps, hairline cracks, and even small holes. So, the gaps are needed to be filled and smoothed with sanding paper.


Caulking is something that makes your painting job look pretty. It keeps water away from entering the structure and causing damage. Make sure that all the siding butt joints, and the gaps are sealed to prevent water infiltration. Before applying new caulking, it’s necessary to remove the existing one as well.

These were the basic surface preparation tasks that a professional painting contractor should perform to deliver you the best in terms of results.  Thoroughly applying these steps will ultimately give you finely done painting job.