Are you planning to make those dreaded walls look lively? Painting is alright! But why not try something different? Why not consider using a faux paint technique?

Let’s us begin to explore, some innovative wall painting techniques or patterns that are currently ruling the market. With these creative wall painting techniques, you can simply change the interior design beyond imagination and create personalized living spaces, reflecting modern trends.

Before you step out and consult with a decorative home painting firm in Moorestown NJ, take a quick glance at some of the finest and most recommended painting techniques to fall for.

Stenciling: This innovative home painting technique is all about using stencils to create motifs on walls. With nearly unlimited patterns to choose from, you will definitely find out the one you think will look best on your walls. With this form of painting technique, you can create several designs, geometrical shapes, figures and whatever you feel like. The Moroccan Trellis is one of the best patterns to fall for.

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Harlequin: Harlequin defines classiness at its best. This diamond pattern technique is easy to create if you’ve the right tools. Perfect for child’s bedroom or nursery, this can even go well with the ambience of your master bedroom. Leading painting firms are mostly suggesting this pattern to implement in drawing areas.

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Wall Graphics: Wall graphics are somehow similar to stencils. Here you need to project the design you want to put onto the wall with the use of an overhead projector. The beauty of wall graphics is unbeatable and it has the capability to the transform the room completely. This technique is best for designing wall murals in children’s bedrooms.

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Metallics: Planning to create a dramatic look in your bedroom? All you need is using a soft metallic paint on an accent wall. This will give your room a refined look for sure.

Stripes: Stripes are a common pattern that modern homeowners prefer. Perfect for kids’ rooms, implementing this technique add lots of fun and excitement. The best you can do is painting those stripes in dark color to make rooms look spacious.

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Color Washing: If you are fond of simple yet classy appearance, color washing is the ideal painting technique for you. The technique help creates a soothing atmosphere. This one is good for Tuscan or Mediterranean bedroom and work really well with rustic style.

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These were some of the classy & refined painting techniques to look after. If you choose any of the above mentioned techniques, let your painting contractor know beforehand. The painting firms are always there to serve you with the quality service.