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Interior Paint Color Trends of 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, leading paint companies have their eyes on the future of color in the new year. The predictions for 2023 range from bold to neutral, but where does that leave you? Let’s explore what the powers that be say you’ll love, what you gravitate toward, and what your paint picks say about you. 

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What Paint Colors Will Be Popular in 2023?

With so many options, who will be your paint color mentor – Pantone with their bold choice, Behr’s classic neutral, or a color in between? The heavy hitters of the paint world have clear ideas for their 2023 predictions. 

Sherwin-Williams’ Pick

Redend Point is the Sherwin-Williams 2023 color of the year. This shade of beige and blush leans toward the earthy side of the color spectrum, making it a cozy and versatile backdrop for various spaces. 

Pantone’s Pick

Pantone embraces the bold statement that is Viva Magenta for their 2023 color of the year. In the red family, this paint color demands to be seen, lending a pop of color to brighten any room. 

Krylon’s Pick

A call to the 2022 shades of green that highlighted a return to nature-inspired shades, Krylon’s 2023 pick adds a moody twist. A deep forest green with midnight undertones, Spanish Moss will elevate your space with an air of nostalgia, balancing both cool and warm accents and furniture.  

Benjamin Moore’s Pick

While not quite as bold as Pantone, Benjamin Moore’s 2023 pick Raspberry Blush is also in the red family. With notes of coral and pink, this color gives you ample room to make a statement.

Dunn-Edwards’ Pick

As the trends suggest, earthy pinks and reds are all the rage for 2023, and Dunn-Edwards’ pick Terra Rosa is no different. This burgundy brown is a warm hue that can be a calming neutral or a subtle accent in any room.

Better Homes & Gardens’ Pick

Canyon Ridge rounds out the reddish tones of the 2023 year as Better Homes & Gardens’ pick. Paying homage to the Southwest, this orangish-pink color adds a dash of the desert to warm up your space.

Behr’s Pick

Behr’s Blank Canvas adds a timeless creamy white to the 2023 color mix. Considered a warm neutral, this classic color delivers a relaxing, soothing effect different from the stark whites of yore.

Glidden’s Pick

Like Krylon, Glidden dips into the green family with Vining Ivy for its 2023 color of the year. While more blue-green, this jewel tone’s boldness is tempered by its nod to nature. Vining Ivy also pairs well with several different styles, a versatility that’s always appealing.

Dutch Boy’s Pick

Rustic Greige is Dutch Boy’s 2023 pick, offering another classic neutral. With its blend of beige, gray, and warm undertones, it’s a perfect addition if you want to add warmth to your space without committing to a bolder color.

Valspar’s Pick

Valspar couldn’t pick just one color, so they selected 12. Their 2023 colors range from sophisticated neutrals to rich jewel tones, giving you variety and cohesion that allows you to use these colors on their own or in combination.

How Social Media Influences Paint Trends 

Social media significantly influences popular interior design styles, including paint colors. Whether we get inspiration from the latest episode of Design Star or our favorite designer’s IG reel of their One Room Challenge, trends are often established through a screen. 

With social media, you’re not only reaching a broader audience, but you’re also establishing a collaborative community of designers. You get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the rising and seasoned stars in the business. That glimpse into the design process has a ripple effect that creates trends.   

What Your Paint Color Picks Say About You

Design aesthetic is more than just trends. You’re often drawn to color palettes that reflect your personality and tastes. So, what do your favorite paint colors say about you? 

Soft, Warm Shades

If you’re into soft, warm shades like Sherwin-Williams’ Redend Point, Better Homes & Garden’s Canyon Ridge, or Valspar’s Southern Road, you’re likely a welcoming and cheerful person. You like to make people feel cozy like your space embodies the feeling of a hug.

Styling tip: If this is you, try using Redend Point, Canyon Ridge, or Southern Road to accent built-ins and add mixed patterns to create a comforting vibe. 

Soft, Cool Hues

Valspar’s Gentle VioletBlue Arrow, and Rising Tide are soft, cool colors reminiscent of wide-open outdoor spaces. If you love these colors, you value your alone time, where you can relax in the calm space that is your home.   

Styling tip: To balance out the coolness of these hues, try to incorporate earthy tones like orange or brown into your furniture or accessories. 

Jewel Tones

If the brightness of Viva Magenta, Raspberry Blush, Spanish Moss, and Vining Ivy call to you, you like to make a statement. With these bold colors adorning your walls, you’re an outgoing and confident force making your own way in the world. 

Styling tip: Use jewel tones with neutrals or similarly intense colors to create a seamless look and avoid visual noise. 

Neutral Tones

Neutral fans will likely gravitate toward Behr’s Blank Canvas and Dutch Boy’s Rustic Greige. If those appeal to you, you’re practical and cool under pressure. There’s fun to be had with neutrals, too, because they give you room to play with color throughout your accessories and furnishings.

Styling tip: If you don’t want to add splashes of color, you can try using contrast to create dimension in your space. Incorporate different shades within the same color family, like a cream sofa with a deep brown leather chair.  

How Pizzazz Painting Combines Personality With Trends

Whether you want to be on-trend or make your own way, Pizzazz Painting is there to support you with all your color needs. We offer comprehensive color consulting that includes recommendations based on your preferences and decor so that your new project exceeds your aesthetic goals. 

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