Removing wallpaper consumes a lot of energy and time. Scraping and delaminating wallpaper leaves behind messy glue. The sticky residue makes it impossible to apply coat of paint, as it demands a smoother surface. It is difficult to get rid of every bit of wallpaper just by scrapping it. Hence, scarred and pitted areas on the walls are commonly cited. It is mandatory to get back wounded surfaces to perfect smoothness in order to be successful in wall painting post wallpaper removal.
Finishing is the most important element of wall painting. Check out how interior painting companies from Cherry Hill do it.

Wallpaper Removal & Painting Services in Cherry Hill

#1 Scrap off Remaining Glue

Wallpaper after removal leaves behind traces of glue. Interior painting companies make use of tri sodium phosphate or a concentrate of vinegar and water to clean the walls. They scrub gently and make sure that walls do not get too wet.

#2 Wash the Wall

Step number two includes washing the wall. Once the wallpaper pieces and adhesive is removed, walls need to be washed. Warm water, old rags and some amount of soap is used to complete this process.

Walls are allowed to dry for some time, before getting started with the next process.

#3 Patch And Repair Damaged Areas

It is common to spot holes and damaged areas after scraping out wallpaper. Painting contractors repair these damages by filling holes with drywall mud and putty knife. This successfully completes step number 3.

#4 Prime the Wall Surface

Wallpapers are often used to camouflage imperfections on the wall surface. Painting contractors that offer interior painting services make sure to prime the walls with high quality primer before painting.

When the above protocol is followed, walls are ready for a coat of your favorite color.