Bring Nature Into Your Home

Light in nature creates the movement of colors.” – Robert Delauney

Have you ever spent a day at the beach where you come home sweaty, sandy and completely exhausted, yet inexplicably relaxed and at peace?  Is it the sun and saltwater air that’s so rejuvenating? Yes.

But I think the colors of the beachfront have something to do with it too. Research shows that colors impact our mood and behavior. Silver is linked to cutting edge innovation.  White invokes purity and youth.  Red makes us feel powerful and confident.

Seaside colors are yellow (sun) and blue (water). Yellow makes people feel warm and energetic. Blue has been shown to produce a feeling of calm and peace. So, it’s no surprise we are so drawn to the colors of the oceanfront.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t live on the beach or on a mountain top. But we can recreate the mood in our home by using the colors of nature to inspire our home décor. If it’s time to repaint your home, consider the following colors.

Refreshing and Tranquil Green

Green immediately brings to mind lush forests, trees and grass. Shades of green are often used by interior decorators to invoke feelings of calm.  Television producers use “green rooms” for guests to wait in before their appearance.

The darker the shade of green, the more soothing and relaxing it is. On the other hand, vibrant greens are motivating and energetic. Lime green or chartreuse are often used in the Caribbean that reflects their lively, laid back culture.

Use green in a room to make it feel fresh, natural, or restful.

Yellow: The Source of Life

Vincent Van Gogh said, “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

The sun is the source of life. Therefore, yellow is warm, energetic and attention-grabbing. However, be aware yellow reflects a lot of light so it easily tires the eyes.

Yellow rooms are cheerful and full of vitality. Use a pale yellow to mimic a sunny day and a darker yellow to bring in the joy of sunflowers.  Kitchens and children’s playrooms are ideal places for yellow paint and décor.

In other rooms, use yellow to draw attention to interesting details.

Earthy Brown

Tones of brown remind us of soil, rocks and the earth so it’s often associated security and stability. Tan brown makes us feel warm, comfortable, and nurturing.   Leather furniture is often a luxurious tan color for this very reason.

Rich, dark browns remind us of wood and can be very sophisticated. Interior decorators will often combine shades of brown with blue to bring an earth-water harmony to a room.

Use brown in rooms that you want to bring a sense of reliability and security to.  Bedrooms, dens and dining rooms look wonderful in brown tones and accents.

Sky Blue

Pale blue reminds us of a clear summer sky and dark blue looks like a deep pool of water. Blue is often described as serene and calming, especially turquoise hues like teal and aquamarine.

Blue also reminds people of twilight, the ocean, and sleep which makes people feel peaceful and secure. For this reason, blue is a favorite color of many people and is a safe choice to decorate in.

For an icy feel, choose a cool blue. Be aware this can cause feelings of distance and cold if overused.

Blues are often used in bedrooms and home offices to promote feelings of calm and peace.

Autumn Orange

People either love it or hate it. It is very attention-grabbing and some people describe it as vibrant, happy and uplifting. Other’s call it vulgar and blatant.

It’s a controversial color.

But if you want to invoke the feeling of a bright sunset or the sweetness of citrus fruit, no color does it better. Orange makes people feel energetic, excited, and warm. In the United States, orange is heavily associated with harvest and Halloween.

For a light citrus feel, go with a yellow-orange and for the deep hues of autumn, go with pumpkin orange or reddish-orange.

The Palette of Nature

To accentuate your nature-inspired paint colors, choose décor to match. Think seagrass tables, lush ferns, or leafy arrangements.

In the bedroom, consider a bamboo headboard and a comforter in soothing botanical colors.  Wall art with tranquil blues, whites, and tan remind of us of the ocean. Fill a glass jar with seashells and bits of driftwood.

Let us help you pick just the right shade to help you bring a little of mother nature into your home. If you need a home painter in South Jersey, including Marlton, Cherry Hill, and Moorestown, give Pizzazz Painting a call today! Call 609-702-8200 today.