If you’re planning to execute a painting project, it’s necessary to start with the removal of old paint that has chipped, peeled, or bubbled. One should realize that proper preparation is the most important step in the painting process. If the old paint is peeling, then all you’ve to do is consider stripping paint before the new coat is applied.

Stripping wall paint is not that easy because paint contains large proportion of lead; hazardous to health. Therefore, you need to follow some safety measures when using paint strippers.

Here we’ve come up with some tips on how to use paint strippers;

Apply the stripper using a disposable brush or an old paintbrush, if you’ve any. Coat the surface with the stripper and brush the product lightly. Make sure that you have not slim the coat too much. If needed, recoat it for the second time

Once the paint has started to come out, make use of a nylon scrapper to remove it. You can also make use of plastic or house wrap material in order to prevent evaporation

Even if paint remains, you can simply put some additional stripper on a nylon scrubber or steel wool and apply on the surface. After the paint gets removed, clean up the stripping material. Modern strippers that are available in stores are easily cleaned with water. Experts recommend the use of mineral spirits or vinegar to neutralize the product.

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Below given are some safety tips that may help you to manage paint stripping properly;

Before you start with the stripper, read the label

Using paint stripper indoor will pollute the air. Make sure that you’ve kept the doors and windows open. Ventilation is important

Always wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing

Wear a mask always while you perform the task

Consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Delran, NJ if you don’t want to be exposed to the hazards of paint strippers. Painting experts are always there to serve you with the necessary service.