Thinking about painting your home soon? Are you aware about the essentials to be put on the check list? Well! As a home painting services company that extends its services even in Moorestown NJ, we often come across gallons of questions from homeowners, requesting tips to help save on the overall cost of a home painting project, by doing the right things in a planned manner.

To be honest, there are several ways that can help make a home painting project economical and yet prove to be true value for the money spent. To avoid confusion by giving out lots of information, we have decided to focus on one tip at a time and share every information to make the advice useful. Today let’s check out & explore techniques to calculate the right amount of paint needed for your home.

While planning a home painting project, it’s quite easy to miss out on certain aspects and either underestimate or over estimate the amount of paint required to get the job done. Both these situations are equally annoying, as lack of paint is frustrating as you will need to buy it once again and rematch the original shade in the middle of a mess. On the other hand, when you are left with litres of left over paint it’s difficult to find a suitable place to store those cans. To save you from such errors, we are here with ways that will help use the right mathematics and calculate the exact amount of paint you’ll need for the paint job.

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The Math to Perfectly Calculate Right Amount for Paint Required for A Home Painting Project

 Step #1

Measure the area that you desire to paint. Remember to take measurements in height & width of the wall to arrive at the overall square feet area to be painted.

Step #2

Step number two needs you to subtract the area of doors and windows from the first calculation. (You can measure doors & windows using the same Height & Width technique). Once done, subtract this area from the overall square meters measured in step 1.

Step #3

This step tests your multiplication skills. On a serious note, multiply the new total (arrived to at step 2) by the number of coats needed. On the safer side you can also add up a coat for some extra paint for touch up purposes.

Step #4

This brings us to the final step. Here all you need to do is divide the Square meters by litre number on the paint chosen by you (these details are available on the paint can or the catalogue). This final division will help you arrive at the total litres of paint you will require for your home painting project.

For more accurate calculations you can consult the painting contractor near to you