After a year of turmoil, people are looking to 2021 for a fresh start and change of scenery. While the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic may linger well into the new year,

residential painting using the latest paint color trends will give your home a new look while waiting for stay-at-home orders to lift.

Giving the rooms of your home a fresh coat of paint with a new color will help to welcome the New Year with promise for healing and peace going forward. Painting is a relatively affordable way to infuse new energy into your home while increasing the property’s overall resale value.

Residential Paint Color Trends for 2021

With so many people working and learning from home during the pandemic, there has never been a better time to change up the look of the rooms in your home. As you look towards getting back to a more normal existence out in the world, the following interior home paint color trends for the upcoming year can restore a fresh, calming atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.

Neutrals Offer Warmth

Neutral colors present an alternative to plain white walls while adding depth and warmth to the room. Colors like taupe, light browns, and reds blend well with accent colors that draw out shapes and other design features. From bathrooms and bedrooms to the dining room and kitchen, warm neutral colors can add energy to a room without taking over the space.

Basic Black Creates Drama

Shades of basic black are making more prominent appearances to add a contemporary feel to kitchens and bathrooms. Black offers a decluttered look, and a simplistic form people will be looking for in the aftermath of troubling times. Dark colors provide a comforting feel and create restful, relaxing spaces.

Going Green

After spending so much time indoors, bringing in a bit of the outdoors will create a warm and calm environment. Green represents the richness and serenity of nature, which is something people will be craving in 2021. Rooms with residential painting in green shades provide peaceful backdrops throughout the home to give you the calmness needed in these busy and trying times.

Cool Blues

Blues are historically calming colors that bring to mind a relaxing waterfront breeze. There is a large selection of blues that will give your home a fresh, clean, relaxing look. Cool blues are timeless hues that add serenity and a sense of peace to any residential space. Shades of blue go exceptionally well with white and green accents and furnishings.

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