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The 15 Best Exterior Colors of 2022

Best Exterior Paint Colors of 2022

Few things are more important as a homeowner than curb appeal, and one of the central aspects of your home’s outward beauty is the paint you choose to adorn it with. Choosing the right exterior paint color for your home can be challenging, however, as not only do you have to gauge your personal tastes, but what color will ultimately synergize with your property as a whole.

If you’ve been looking to refresh your home with a new coat of paint, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best exterior colors of 2022, so you can make your home look good as new with a paint job that will wow you neighbors and anyone driving by.

Deep Sea

Deep Blue Exterior Paint Color

For a more subdued shade of blue, Deep Sea by Behr makes for a welcoming hue. This color looks especially gorgeous on homes with a lot of light accents, such as gray stones, white trim, and lightly colored shingles.

Submarine Gray

Submarine Gray exterior paint color

Continuing with some of Behr’s greatest hits of 2022, Submarine Gray is a classic color that can go well with a wide variety of homes. As a middle point between light gray and near-black hues, Submarine Gray is great for home owners that want a sense of balance to their property.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow exterior paint color

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home for the warm weather, look no further than Sunny Yellow. This shade is sure to make your home the most lively on your street, accentuating any landscaping and complimentary colors you may have around your property.

Slate Gray

slate ray exterior paint color

For a truly universal coat of paint, Slate Gray has the versatility to look great on the sunniest days and the most cloudy. It’s just dark enough to give your home a bold profile, and light enough to highlight the accents of your home, making for a well-balanced exterior paint.

Light Blue

light blue exterior paint color

A subtle light blue paint can do wonders for your home, especially if you find yourself living in a  coastal town. Equal parts soothing and inviting, nearly every shade of light blue can give your home the visual boost you’ve been looking for.

Dried Thyme

dried thyme exterior paint color

Transitioning to a more natural tone, Dried Thyme from Sherwin Williams brings an earthy flavor to the party that perfectly compliments any dark wood accents. 

Pale Pink

pale pink exterior pink color

There’s nothing wrong with a home that embraces a less traditional exterior, and a pale pink is the perfect way to shake things up with your property. Cottage-style homes in particular look great with this shade, adding to their enchanting design.

Olive Green

olive green exterior paint color

If you really want to embrace your natural side, olive green paint is a great way to liven up your home’s exterior. Whether you have primarily siding or brick on your home, this shade will give you the boost in curb appeal you’ve been looking for.

Coastal Fog

Coastal Fog exterior paint color

For a more understated look, Coastal Fog by Behr is a great off-white color that is just a few shades short of being a light gray. This lends itself to a wide variety of great contrasts, whether your home has dark accents or more colorful ones.

Light Gray

Light Gray exterior paint color

If you want your home to look subdued while also maintaining a sense of character, any light gray shade should be more than enough to lift your home’s aesthetics to a new level. 


Beige exterior paint color

For something truly classic, a beige exterior paint will look great on just about any home. Whether it’s stucco or siding, the neutral tones of beige allow tremendous flexibility when shaping the rest of your home’s outward appearance.

Cloud White

Cloud White Exterior Paint

Nothing is more simple than a white exterior, and with a Cloud White paint, your home will look clean and sophisticated like it never has before.

Celestial Blue

Celestial Blue

Celestial Blue by Glidden is a bold and versatile shade, perfect for homeowners that want to retire their home’s neutral tones and upgrade to something more eye-catching. And whether the shutters and trim of your home are dark or light, Celestial Blue will create a beautiful contrast.

How to Pick the Best Exterior Color

While many of these colors may appeal to your personal taste, it’s also important to consider whether or not a certain shade will fit with other aspects of your home. The last thing you want is to stand back and take in your home’s new paint, just to realize that the color you chose clashes with the rest of your neighborhood or the style of your home. So before you get out the ladders and paint rollers, consider the following to ensure your exterior painting project goes perfectly.

Style of House

When selecting a paint color for the exterior of your home, it’s imperative that you first visualize how that color may look with your home’s overall style. Oftentimes, a sense of contrast is what really makes colors like navy blue or slate gray look good on a house, because things like white shutters or trim add a feeling of shape and cohesion. If your home is built in a way where it doesn’t include these accents, then a lighter color would prevent your home from looking like one amorphous, dark structure.


Your home and your yard are a package deal, making it essential to ensure they both maintain a balanced appearance. If your yard is very lush and verdant, a color that clashes with dark and light greens might not be best for your home’s exterior. Conversely, if your landscaping is dotted with bright yellows or pinks, choosing a color that closely resembles those shades could create a gorgeous harmony.


If you live in a close-knit neighborhood, choosing the right paint color is just as important for you as it is for your neighbors. While it is important to maintain your individuality, it’s just as important not to choose a color that will be a complete eyesore. A neutral color, or even certain earth tones are often safe options when it comes to a color that will fit in with the rest of your neighborhood.

Test Your Colors

Before you put so much as a drop of paint on the outside of your home, test the colors you’re interested in to make sure they’ll be a good fit. Grab a series of color swatches and hold them up to your home, and consider how it will look alongside your yard and things like the trim and shingles of your home.

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