This year, many of us will be searching for ways to bring out the spirit of the holidays. Changing up your exterior paint colors that spread the joy of the holidays (and look great all year round!) might be the perfect way to wow those seasonal guests.

Many color schemes look great on your home, but our exterior painting experts in South Jersey have the best tips on which holiday-themed paint colors can really make your home pop!

Deep Red

Nothing says the holiday cheer quite like a deep red shade. This color works great on the exterior of your home as the main color or even as an accent. Bold and cheerful, a deep red has a classic holiday feel that can bring you joy all year long.

Pine Tree Green

Another hue that looks just like the holidays is a beautiful pine tree green tone. Also great as an accent tone, this radiant color will have you and your family feeling the spirit of the holidays even in the heat of the summer. Try painting your shutters and door frame with a deep pine tree green color and watch your home transform into a scene out of a classic holiday film.

Gold and Vanilla

A vivid gold tone will have you feeling the warmth of the holiday season. This beautiful hue goes excellent with a vanilla tone creating an inviting, cozy curb appeal. If you’re searching for a bold holiday color for the exterior of your home that looks beautiful for every time of year, gold and vanilla may be your best choice.

Slate Blue

If you’re looking to harness the feel of a winter wonderland, a slate blue color will do just that. This charming blue-gray hue will have you feeling the calmness of a December night. Paired with a darker navy color, slate blue can provide you with all of your wishes for the holiday season.

There’s no better way to bring out the joy of the holiday spirit than painting your home a whimsical holiday color. Whether it’s bold or calming, your guests will feel the holiday spirit as soon as they see your home.

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If you’re just getting started with your exterior painting project, you may benefit from receiving professional guidance from an exterior painting contractor. At Pizzazz Painting in South Jersey, we are professionals in exterior house painting. Our team of exterior house painters has knowledge and experience in helping you choose the perfect shade of paint and which type of paint to use. Contact us today to see how we can help you bring out the holiday spirit with the exterior of your home. We are ready to help transform your home for the holiday season!