Believe it or not, the color of your business’s commercial building can often make or break the reputation of your business. Think about it: a building that appears uninviting or dull due to its color or paint job can negatively impact the first impression you make on customers. To learn more about what factors to consider for a commercial building’s paint colors, keep on reading!

What Color Considerations Do Commercial Painting Contractors Recommend?

Whether it is choosing the paint color for the interior walls or the exterior walls of your commercial building, it is crucial to think about a few important factors before finalizing your color decision. Here are 4 considerations that commercial painting contractors recommend all businesses to make:

#1: Consider the Desired Emotions of Your Customers

Since every business is selling an entirely different product or service to a unique customer base, it is essential to use colors to your advantage to appeal to the feelings you wish to elicit from your target audience. The more that the color of your building aligns with your customer’s desired feelings, the greater your chances at attracting them enough to make a purchase!

For example, choosing a calming hue of baby blue will elicit a much different emotional response from a customer than using, say, a bold or playful color.

#2: Consider The Style of Your Building’s Location

Every neighborhood and city has a unique feel and style to its houses and buildings. To prevent your commercial business from sticking out like a sore thumb, it is vital to think about the typical colors and style of the buildings that are found in its surrounding area.

There are even some historical neighborhoods that legally prevent businesses from using certain colors, so always double-check your area before embarking on any exterior paint job!

#3: Consider the Logo and Branding of Your Business

When it comes to creating a cohesive brand image, consistency in color and design is an absolute must! The majority of businesses already have a recognizable logo design that tells their customers who they are and what services they provide.

In order, for your physical building to feel compatible with the branded elements of your business, think about building and wall colors that would complement or match your logos, social media platforms, and other marketing materials.

#4: Consider the Impact of an Accent Wall

Accent walls do a great job at adding a unique flair and creative feel to a space. Creating an accent or statement wall with bold colors or even a mural is an easy way to help your business stand out against the crowd of nearby buildings!

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Overall, the choice of paint color that you make is so much more than just a stylistic choice: it can significantly impact the impression that you make on your customers. In order to complete the most beautiful paint job possible, hire the talented team of professional commercial painting contractors at Pizzazz Painting today!