Rooms with access to little natural light can be dark, depressing spaces. The instinct may be to paint the room white and shower it with light. However, white walls without the sunlight to reflect throughout the room

wind up looking flat and somehow even darker.

As painters in Marlton, NJ, here are our tips to brighten up a dark room and create a warm and inviting space.

Paint Colors That Light Up Low-Lit Spaces

The color you paint in your home will set the mood and present a distinct feeling for space. Rooms without adequate natural light can be brought to life and convey a unique personality with certain shades of the right colors.


Lavender is a great color that can warm and calm a dark room. There are a wide variety of lavender shades that offer subtle differences in the presentation of the room’s character. Neutral trim and accents present a degree of class and sophistication, or you can accessorize with pastel colors for a bolder, more playful look.


For bathrooms with tiny windows that let in a minimal amount of natural light, sunny yellow walls are an effective substitute for the real thing. Ideal for dark bathrooms or bedrooms, yellow adds light and character to brighten up any space. Ample artificial lights are needed to make yellow walls pop.


Powder blue walls effectively create the illusion of endless clear skies on a bright, sunny day. Light blue shades offer brightness to dark bathrooms and other spaces deprived of natural sunlight. White accents bring out the lighter blues and provide a serene sense of calm and depth.


Orange-colored tones like pumpkin, apricot, and tangerine can add warmth and light to a dark room. Bright oranges turn meeting spaces like the kitchen or dining room into brighter and welcoming spaces. Adding darker browns and contrasting white accents presents a classy, inviting atmosphere for people to comfortably gather and visit.


Shades of pink will offer instant light and brightness to a dark bedroom or bathroom. Softer rose tones and pastels add personality to space without being overbearing. The downside of using pink is that some shades can make the room feel smaller while it brightens it up.


Using gray paint to brighten a dark room may seem counterintuitive. However, softer shades of gray can make dark spaces look brighter and lighter. Gray walls open up the possibilities to use brighter lavenders or pinks for accents and trim.

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