With a home painting project comes many choices, such as what color and type of paint to use, and how to apply it. There used to be only one option when repainting a surface: the paintbrush. But as technology advances, the painting industry has evolved to develop faster, more efficient ways to get the job done. That’s where roller painting and spray painting come into play.

Different projects require different application techniques. Which method of application is best for your project? Our team at Pizzazz Painting in Moorestown, NJ, is the best to ask!

Here we’ve put together the most significant differences between roller painting vs. spray painting, and when it’s best to use each method.

Roller Painting

Roller painting is the process of using a roller brush to transfer the paint of your choice to a surface in an even, consistent manner. There are a few advantages to roller painting that spray painting doesn’t offer.

The benefits of using a paint roller are:

  • More even coverage – Paint rolling provides a surface with higher quality and an even coat of paint. It allows you to have more coverage and better color consistency.
  • Best for interior walls – If you are looking to paint only the interior walls and not the ceilings and baseboards, roller painting is the perfect fit. It is easy to control where the paint goes and exclude the areas you want to avoid.
  • Painting old or dirty surfaces – While the first step to prepping a paint area is to clean the surface, sometimes that doesn’t happen, or the surface is old and not able to be cleaned. Roller painting allows the paint to go on as a thicker coat, making it adhere better to the dirty surface.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is done by using compressed air to create a mist of pain through a small hand held device. The advantages of spray painting over roller painting include:

  • Best for remodeling or new surfaces – Spray painting is the most efficient way to paint a newly remodeled or brand new surface.
  • Quicker – This time-efficient painting method is great for large surface areas like the exterior of your home.
  • Excellent for textured surfaces – If you are painting a textured surface, you’ll want to make sure that you have an even coat free from drips and pooled paint. A spray painter works perfectly for applying an even, thin coat for textured surfaces.

The Best Painting Company in Moorestown, NJ

No matter which method you decide to use for your project, keep in mind there are benefits of each. Roller painting and spray painting have different ways of applying paint that make a difference in your finished project.

At Pizzazz Painting in Moorestown NJ, we can help you get going on your project. If you are searching to find the best painting method or need some guidance getting started, contact us today. We are here to help you complete your painting project the right way!