Beautiful wood decks in American homes add life to the exterior set up. A deck is known to redefine and make the home’s exterior look warm. Wood decks are gaining popularity in Cherry Hill, as it is the perfect spot to spend time alone or with friends and family. An extension to your home, a deck not only adds space, but also adds value and curb appeal to homes.

Well! When wooden decks become old and look weathered there is nothing to worry about. You will not have to replace the deck. Infact paint or stain can give an innovative makeover, adding strength and durability. It is important for every homeowner to realize that wooden decks come with a prerequisite of maintenance. Unprotected wood is prone to damages due to sun, water and moisture.

Majority home owners are confused between painting and staining the deck. Professional exterior house painters can choose the right alternative based on requirement & deliver the best results.

Below points will help homeowners decide between paint and stain.


There are many reasons why one should go for painting the deck. Paint lasts longer & has variety of color options available. It tends to provide a uniform look to the deck. This factor appeals to many homeowners. Paint is particularly a good option if the deck is old and weathered. It is important to know that, once wood is painted it covers the natural look and elements of wood.

Deck paint for exterior painting services

To understand more about painting the wood deck, let us take a closer look at the pro and cons.


Easy to maintain

Paint is an easier alternative to maintain, as it lasts for a longer duration. It also offers a better protection layer from outdoor elements, like water, heat and UV rays.

Camouflages flaws

When the deck becomes old and weathered, it ruins the overall look. Nobody wants to display the flaws, time and use has got to the deck. When the deck is nearing to death, painting has the ability to mask and revive it back to life.


Paint is permanent

Once you have decided on painting on the deck, be sure that you will have to paint it over and over again, until the wood is replaced. It is possible to move from stain to paint, but impossible to do it vice versa.

Locks moisture

Decks usually are placed horizontally and paint is simply applied on it. This increases the chances of water pooling. Wooden decks expand and contract naturally due to external weather conditions, and wood tends to trap moisture.


Staining the wood deck protects it from external damages. Stain enhances natural beauty of wood, making it strong and resistant from a variety of outdoor elements. As a matter of fact, stain doesn’t last as long as a paint job. Let us understand more about staining by going through the pros and cons.

Deck stain paint


Visibility of woods texture grains and color

When wood staining comes into picture, you can choose how you want your wood to look like. Level of opacity can be chosen to get the right amount of texture, color and grain on your wood deck. It enhances beauty of the wooden deck.

Stain adds strength

Good quality stain has the ability to seal wood grain. This protects deck wood from moisture locks and rots. A good quality stain usually provides better moisture retention.


Lasts for a few years

Decks on an average are stained every year. A paint job lasts for a couple of years. But professionally stained deck with oil-based semitransparent stain can last for 3 to 5 years at a stretch.

Does not camouflage flaws

When the deck is old and prominently weathered, stain will not do miracles. In such situations, paint is a better choice.

Based on the above pros and cons, homeowners can chose stain or paint depending on the condition of the deck. This will help achieve desired results.