Applying a fresh coat of paint can refresh and brighten any room of your home. Most people preparing for a home painting project understand the basics to get the job done. However, some simple techniques can turn you

into a more efficient and effective house painter for your home in Medford, NJ.

5 Techniques for Painting Your Home

The following techniques are used by Pizzazz Painting painters in Medford, NJ, to make your home more appealing and comfortable while increasing the property’s resale value.

Wait For Dry Weather

Paint dries slower and more unevenly when there is moisture in the air. It is best to avoid your painting project on rainy days. If you are painting when it is raining, or the humidity levels are high, you will need to work slower so the paint can properly dry. Slow-drying paint offers you the chance to touch up your work before applying the next coat.

Avoid Skimping on Materials

When it comes to painting gear and materials, you will get what you pay for. Investing in high-quality paint, brushes, rollers, and other equipment will speed up the process and improve the quality of the final product. High-end painter’s tape will ensure a tighter seal to prevent dripping and blurs.

Full Protection

Take the time to fully prepare the spaces surrounding your paint job. Liberally cover nearby flooring, furniture, and other items before cracking open the first can of paint. Use drop cloths, plastic, and tape to protect door knobs, fixtures, and other areas you do not want to be painted. You will also need to remove all light switches and outlet covers.

Using Primer

Most home painting projects require a coat or two of primer. There are paint and primer combinations that work well on smooth surfaces that have been painted in recent years, but most jobs will need a separate primer to ensure the smoothest and cleanest look. Bonding primers are used for glass surfaces and when you are using or replacing high-gloss paint.

Take It from the Top

It is best to start painting at the top of a wall and roll down from there. This technique allows you to go over mistakes and drippings as you make your way down the way. Begin subsequent rows by rolling over the previous row’s edge to help prevent streaking and lap markings. When an area you have painted starts to dry, it is best not to go over it again.

Pizzazz Painting: The Best Medford House Painters

Pizzazz Painting features a team of talented house painters in Medford, NJ, with years of residential painting experience. We are happy to answer any questions and support your upcoming painting project. Contact Pizzazz Painting today to learn more about our painting services and to have your home painting questions answered by industry professionals.